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Jessica’s last words

Originally posted on Her mission is our mission:
On March 10, 2015,  my daughter Jessica took out a piece of paper and wrote out one last letter to me. She used a pink marker (her favorite color) as she jotted…

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Ask the Question. Ask the Direct Question.

Originally posted on Peace from Panic:
(Trigger warning: this post discusses suicide. If you need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800)273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line in the U.S. at 741741) This morning I…

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Anxiety spiraling into major depression?

Last week I wrote about my son’s dissociation episodes and panic attacks.   He got some anti-anxiety medication there, but they put him to sleep so they haven’t been useful to him, and the panic has not gone away.  He’s been … Continue reading

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Guest Post (by Anonymous): Thoughts About Suicide and Selfishness.

The following is a guest post from another blogger who kindly asked me if I would post this.  She is hesitant to link to her blog here, since her blog tends to focus on much lighter content, but still wanted … Continue reading

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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

I think it’s worse this year, but there are a few other things going on that are exacerbating my symptoms.   I seem to have a weird form of it, which starts in late July or August, when my body … Continue reading

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Going insane: how I got diagnosed with BPD

I thought I should explain how I got diagnosed with BPD. Although my out of control behaviors in 1995-1996 were due to prolonged emotional and mental (and some physical) abuse at the hands of my ex (on top of having … Continue reading

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The curse of the Aspergers/Avoidant/Borderline triad.

Today I attended a beautiful Pentecost mass that was held outdoors. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples. Unlike the disciples, I didn’t experience a sudden … Continue reading

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Why you should never jump into a new relationship after narcissistic abuse

The Wheel of Abuse Not all abusive relationships involve physical abuse. Emotional and mental abuse can be every bit as damaging, and sometimes more so. (Click image to make larger). A new friend of mine (a survivor of several abusive … Continue reading

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Targets and Victims

I found another blog today written by a survivor of a sick family of psychopaths and sociopaths (I’ve added the site to my list of resources under the “Info and Support” tab in the green bar in the header. I … Continue reading

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Held hostage: living with the enemy

Finally, I’m getting around to posting this last part of my story. It will be in two parts, because it’s going to be so long. After Michael kicked me out of our home in 2003 (which by that time was … Continue reading

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