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Thank God my vacation is finally here!

I’ve been feeling more anxious and depressed every day about the political situation, and I don’t feel like any of our efforts are really helping.   Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind.   It’s so easy to get bogged down … Continue reading

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Anxiety spiraling into major depression?

Last week I wrote about my son’s dissociation episodes and panic attacks.   He got some anti-anxiety medication there, but they put him to sleep so they haven’t been useful to him, and the panic has not gone away.  He’s been … Continue reading

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Linda Lee, who writes “A Blog About Healing from PTSD”  wrote this article about how she learned to deal with her panic attacks — and the advice is quite simple. GET ANGRY!  Yes, get angry.   While anger isn’t an ideal … Continue reading

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Panic attacks, dissociation, and my son’s anxiety issues.

Geometries by M.C. Escher   My son, who already suffers from OCD and ADHD (both diagnosed) tweeted this the other night: I just had one of the strangest things happen… and it was the scariest experience of my life. I … Continue reading

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Self-care in turbulent times.

The trendy term “self care” irritates me the same way other trendy terms tend to irritate me, but it’s actually a good phrase and good advice. I had two days off from work this week due to the snow, and … Continue reading

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Why isn’t a mental health assessment required for a new president?

Credit: Increasing Number of Psychiatrists Challenge The Goldwater Rule / FFRF Maine   My son is applying for a job as a police dispatcher.  Like all government jobs, it’s a good paying job, with great benefits, including comprehensive health care, … Continue reading

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Indivisible: starting to get involved.

Every day, the Trump  administration’s actions get more outrageous, more boneheaded, and meaner.   They seem to have no shame in how low they will go to destroy an entire nation.  They care nothing about the American people or what … Continue reading

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Why Scientology auditing is not at all like traditional psychotherapy (Part 1)

This is an actual question an auditor asks you during the introductory (“communications”) course that is really an early indoctrination procedure. This is my second post about Scientology.  It will be in two parts. My first post about Scientology was … Continue reading

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How to reparent yourself.

This short post went viral on my other blog, although I really have no idea why because not a whole lot of thought went into it and I wrote it on the fly, but it seemed to resonate, so I’m … Continue reading

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The Adverse Childhood Experience study (CDC)

Under my post Adult Poverty and Scapegoat-hood: A Connection?,  one of my commenters (katiesdream2004) mentioned a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the mid-late 90’s that researched the connection between adverse childhood experiences (which includes emotional abuse … Continue reading

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