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Guest Post (by Anonymous): Thoughts About Suicide and Selfishness.

The following is a guest post from another blogger who kindly asked me if I would post this.  She is hesitant to link to her blog here, since her blog tends to focus on much lighter content, but still wanted … Continue reading

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Some days I feel like everything’s hopeless.

Some days it seems like they are winning.    Now we even have State TV.    The reason we had regulations were to keep something like that from happening.    I feel like a character in Orwell’s 1984 and we … Continue reading

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Please stop calling suicide victims ‘selfish’ or ‘weak.’ (reblog)

One of the best blogs I’ve recently discovered is John Pavlovitz’s blog “Stuff That Needs to Be Said.”  Pavlovitz is a Christian pastor, but he is different because he abhors what has become “conservatism” and is an active member of … Continue reading

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Eeyore wisdom.

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Kneeling down…

Originally posted on Cyranny's cove:
Today was not a good day. It happens. It is just life… We all have bad days, right? Right. Only, depression leftovers make my bad days B.A.D. It often doesn’t really show. I just…

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Looking for a Scapegoat (comments allowed)

Originally posted on A Blog About Healing From PTSD:
I am not doing well. In fact, emotionally speaking, this is the worst I have been in a long time. It’s embarrassing…. humiliating…. and humbling to admit this.  I thought  I…

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The worst thing about depression.

A meme I just made to express how I feel right now.

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Can you have too much empathy?

Believe it or not, the answer is “Yes”! But it really shouldn’t be too surprising, since people with high empathy are also highly sensitive, and since they feel everything so keenly, sometimes the negative emotions surrounding them can drag them … Continue reading

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Epidemic of depression.

I haven’t been reading other blogs too much lately (too depressed), but I did read this post by Bradley over at Bipolar Bear.   He describes a depression that sounds quite a bit like mine.  I think a lot of … Continue reading

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I’m not going to lie.   I’ve been feeling pretty down and out about everything the past few days.   Maybe it’s the letdown after “returning to reality” last week, or maybe it’s another huge pocket of pain coming to … Continue reading

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