Malignant narcissism and the supernatural: a connection?


WARNING: This is a dark and highly disturbing topic for many people. If discussions about evil entities, the demonic or the supernatural bothers you, I suggest not reading this blog post to avoid being triggered.

I’ve discussed the subject of evil and narcissism before, but today a commenter called Truthteller brought up this subject again in the comments section of another blog post (I can’t find his or her blog if they even have one).

A good question.
Truthteller was wondering if disorders like malignant narcissism and/or multiple personality disorder (MPD) have a possible supernatural explanation, such as an evil or alien entity taking up residence inside a person. This commenter suggested that severe abuse during childhood, which can cause both MPD (a splintering of the original personality into two or more subpersonalities) and NPD (dissociative as well because the true self is shut off or obscured by an elaborate system of false personalities or masks) can make the child vulnerable to an outside entity taking up residence within them.

Now before you write me off as a BSC, superstitious, tinfoil hat-wearing, Bible thumping nutcase, let me explain that while I do consider myself a Christian, I am not particularly religious (though I am spiritual) nor have I ever been that superstitious and I’m pretty skeptical about supernatural things. In fact, I think most “supernatural” events probably have a scientific explanation that hasn’t been discovered yet.

For example, imagine a serf living in the year 1100, during the Middle Ages. Now imagine a time traveler from 2014 appears and shows the medieval serf his Smartphone. (Okay, I know time travel isn’t possible right now, if it ever is, but just suspend your disbelief here for a minute).


What would the serf think? Would they understand anything about the technology that went into making that Smartphone? Of course not. They would probably run away screaming that the thing was demonic, a supernatural device from Hell that contained evil spirits. Because that would be the only way they could explain the glowing moving images and words scrolling on a screen. If we see a ghost today, it could actually be a ghost, or it could be a hologram of some sort, a cross-section of a 4 or more-dimensional being, or simply an aggregation of energy concentrated in one place. We really don’t know.

That being said, I also don’t dispute the possibility that there may be evil spirits or even an entity called Satan. No one has proven these entities exist, but no one’s disproven them either. There is at least one respected psychiatrist in the field of NPD and psychopathy (Dr. M. Scott Peck) who believes that certain individuals without empathy or a conscience, who take pleasure in hurting others (today we call them malignant narcissists or psychopaths) are in fact evil.

I absolutely believe there are evil people in the world, but is their evil due to Satan or other malignant entities overtaking their minds at some point (possibly due to a choice they made which I’ll explain later in this post), or is their “evil” simply a manifestation of a badly wired brain dominated by the predatory, reptilian, lower brain instead of the mammalian human brain that has the capacity for love and empathy?

A snake doesn’t care about its fellow snakes or even its offspring. It feels no love. It attacks with no remorse and has no feelings of guilt if its prey dies from its bite. It abandons its young after they’re born to fend for themselves. This is normal behavior for a snake, but a snake isn’t evil because it’s just a reptile, a less evolved creature than we are. If a human acts like a snake though, then that person is evil because we’re supposed to have a brain that has the capacity to feel empathy and love.


MPD vs. NPD.
In the case of the person with MPD, I don’t believe malignant entities have anything to do with their disorder, for several reasons. Although people with MPD appear to be “possessed” by more than one personality, they are really just facets of the same personality. A person with MPD was almost without exception severely abused during early childhood, and to protect the “waking self” from further pain, their original personality shattered into fragments, or subpersonalities of the original.

A good therapist who specializes in MPD can help the patient bring the “personalities” back together, usually by working primarily with the dominant personality, which is usually cooperative and the most mentally healthy of them all. It is also the only one of the personalities that is aware of all the others. One by one, the dominant personality (or sometimes using hypnosis) will “bring out” the other personalities for the therapist to work with. Eventually, through the cooperation of all the personalities, the person can become whole again. While there may be unpleasant or immature personalities, they are not necessarily evil. Another reason I don’t think MPD has anything to do with outside entities is because the person with the disorder wants to get well. They usually seek therapy on their own due to blackouts and other odd things such as doing something and not remembering doing it.

Malignant narcissism and psychopathy is a different story. Although also most likely caused by severe abuse combined with a genetic predisposition, the person is nearly always unaware of their original, true self which has been obscured so deeply by their elaborate layers of masks that it may as well not even exist. It’s very difficult if not impossible to access the true self in a malignant narcissist. It exists but the false self is a lie, and lies are inherently evil. This is why they are the “People of the Lie.”

The genesis of psychopathy.
Why are some people evil and what made them that way? No one really knows. I don’t think in real life there are any “bad seeds” and those we know of are usually fictional characters. Some people probably do possess a gene for the malignant form of narcissism or psychopathy, but even so, with loving parenting that teaches the child right from wrong at an early age, I think most children can still learn to be good people and those lessons will override the genetic predisposition. Perhaps they’ll still be narcissists but of the benign variety instead.

Severely abusing or neglecting a child who already possesses the gene will likely cause that child to become a psychopath or malignant narcissist. At this point in time, there is no known cure once the disorder has become ingrained in the personality. If any treatment is to work, it must be done in early childhood, when the personality is still forming.

Possession and Exorcism.
I don’t think people with these disorders are actually possessed by demons, but if demons or malignant entities exist, these people may be highly influenced by them or walk on the side of darkness. That would explain my MN ex’s fascination with the occult, Satanic symbolism, and his liking for dark music like death metal. Being open to darkness, malignant narcissists and psychopaths are vulnerable to malignant entities taking up residence inside them, and for someone who is already a psychopath, the possession would be total and even exorcism would not work and would probably kill them.


Non-evil people could be possessed too, usually by dabbling in the occult or the like, but for them, the possession is “imperfect,” according to M. Scott Peck. Because the entity isn’t aligned perfectly with the person’s soul, there is still good in the person and when an exorcism is performed, the good can overcome the evil entity (with God’s help). An exorcism performed on an imperfectly possessed, non-evil individual is more likely to be successful than it would be on a psychopath whose possession, if it exists at all, would be total.

M. Scott Peck also believes that exorcism does not have to be done by a priest or minister. It can be successfully performed by a psychiatrist or psychologist who is well trained in the ritual, and at the same time has a strong faith in God.

How a good person can become evil.
I mentioned earlier the concept of choice. I think there are some people who are predisposed genetically to psychopathy and aren’t necessarily evil, but there comes a turning point during which they choose darkness over light. This is usually a decision they make, a “deal with the devil” so to speak. This is the point at which they can cross the line over into evil and once they do so, there is no turning back.

I’ve used this example before, but I’ll use it again because it’s such a good one. In “People of the Lie,” Peck talks about a man who was in all respects a good man, a family man who loved his wife and children. But the man had a terrible problem: he suffered from severe panic attacks when crossing a certain bridge on his way home from work every day. The panic attacks were so debilitating that the man, even though he didn’t believe in the devil, made a deal with the devil anyway. He told the devil that if he could get over the bridge without suffering a panic attack, then he would allow the devil to allow something to happen to his beloved son.

Nothing happened to the man’s son, but the man felt terribly guilty about making such a deal, even though he still didn’t believe the devil existed, so he confessed his sin to Dr. Peck. It was explained to the man that he did the right thing; if he hadn’t felt remorse over making such a deal, even though he didn’t believe in the devil, that he would have crossed the line over into evil.


The same thing happens during war when soldiers are forced to kill innocent people and commit other acts of atrocity that go against their morals. Those who aren’t predisposed to psychopathy and are forced to undertake such evil actions, suffer from PTSD and can even experience a psychotic break. However, there are veterans who, already predisposed to psychopathy, became evil after committing such acts during wartime. They return from war seeming to have lost any empathy or ability to love they once had. Here too, a line was crossed, even if it was not really their own choice. Once that line is crossed the person can never return to goodness because they have, in effect, “sold their soul,” and possibly been possessed by malignant outside entities who make sure they keep walking on the side of darkness.

It’s in their eyes.
I have noticed something odd in the eyes of malignant narcissists. The first time I saw it was when I was about five or six, when my mother flew into a narcissistic rage over something or other, probably my acting “spooky” (withdrawn and lost in my Aspie world) which seemed to enrage her more than anything else. When I looked into her face, I noticed with horror that her eyes were solid black like the eyes of aliens or demons, and her sneer was so full of pure hate that I had nightmares for weeks. I remember having dreams about this demon-mother, and waking up screaming. She’d rush into the room and it was like waking up from one nightmare into another, an inescapable loop of nightmares I couldn’t awaken from, because all I could see even when awake were those solid black eyes and hateful sneer. Even when she was smiling or hugging me. This lasted for several months, but I knew then what she was, and I also knew that she knew I knew. And that made her hate me even more.

Evil black female zombie eyes.

I saw the same black eyes once when my MN ex was in one of his narcissistic drunken rages.
Also, I have seen actual people who have very opaque, cold and hard eyes without a hint of humanity or warmth in them. Here is a photo of a person I do not know but her face is one of the most frightening I’ve ever seen and it’s because of those eyes. I have no doubt this woman is as evil as she looks. I sure wouldn’t want to meet her in person!


My father (a low spectrum but weak and benign narcissist who is not insane or deluded) told me about the time he spoke to Michael (who I was still married to at the time) on the phone and noticed his voice sounded different. The way he explained it, it was gutteral and inhuman like a demon’s voice. I never heard this voice myself, but on a visceral, gut level I believed my father was telling me the truth. I was spooked out of my mind.

After the divorce my father sent me a copy of “People of the Lie.” He told me he never believed in the devil or evil people until he read this book and realized it described my ex to a tee. Funny that he didn’t recognize my mother in that book, because she’s even more malignant than my ex. But he’s an enabler when it comes to MN women, and always seems to be in thrall to them. But that book changed my life because after reading it I finally recognized both my ex and my mother for what they actually were, and that was the catalyst that led to No Contact.

A person I know in the narcissistic abuse community says that the soul of a malignant narcissist or psychopath has been seared. I think that’s a very good description of what has happened to them. Can a seared soul be saved? I have no clue…

In conclusion, let me remind you that I’m not a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist or a Bible-thumping fundamentalist nutcase. I have no proof that any of this is valid (unless you count the opaque black eyes I’ve saw in both my mother and ex). But because a supernatural component hasn’t been disproven either, there’s a possibility that much more is involved in psychopathic behavior and malignant narcissism than mere mental illness or a brain dysfunction. Some of this even makes sense on a gut instinct level. In any case, Truthteller raised an interesting issue and I wanted to explore it further even if you think it’s nuttier than a Payday bar.

Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I believe there is negative energy in the world as there is positive energy. This has been proved by physics. Now if these two exist it seems to follow that some people have more negative energy and attract the same. It could also be that these people are controlled more by the reptilian brain. There are those out there that have no empathy and could care less about others. They are the predators. They have no more feelings for others than a python would for a rat. Evil? Maybe it is just another word for negative energy. These people are attracted to the dark side which I believes exists. They enjoy the mental and physical pain of others and will do anything to get that satisfaction. Fascinating post.

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    • I agree with this. I’m not sure if they are conrolled by the reptilian brain and it’s mostly due to biology, but to a more evolved species like us, the reptilian would be considered “dark” and I believe some people choose to walk in darkness rather than light.
      That being said, evil is necessary in a way. Without darkness there would be no light. God gave us free will to choose either one. Unfortunately, for people born with a predisposition and were abused, they don’t appear to have ever had a choice…I can’t explain how that would work. It doesn’t seem fair at all

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  2. That was well done. I do believe in evil and the supernatural. I also have seen those same eyes and felt that darkness in narcissists and psychopaths and it’s quite real. In MPD, not so much. I’ve never picked up on anything evil within those people.

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    • Exactly. I have known one or two people with MPD (more common than used to be believed) and I sensed nothing at all evil about these people. They seemed confused more than anything else.

      Most malignant narcissists and psychopaths give off a very negative vibe and while their eyes don’t look that way all the time, if you piss them off or threaten to remove their narcissistic supply, watch out. The “evil eye” is real.

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  3. I am in the middle of reading People of the Lie, if I really thought a tin foil hat would save me, I would have one on. I really believe some people just are dark, for whatever reason, possibly unknowingly or through abuse. I have had to put the book down, it was making me very scared.


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    • It is a scary book. I remember having to put it down sometimes too, and not being able to read it at night. But it was fascinating too, because it was like someone revealed to me what my MN’s really were It was a big red flashing warning sign: GET AWAY.
      My father is a very flawed man–a weak narcissist (not a malignant one) who has been in thrall to two MN wives for his entire adulthood, and is now very ill with Parkinson’s and probably doesn’;t have much longer to live. I know he does love me in his flawed way. Sending me that book was one of the best things he ever did.

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      • I don’t have a blog yet OL but i’m working on it. i have an old laptop running XP and it has been upgraded as far as it can go. it freezes up whenever I try to set up a blog – processing speed and memory too small. I’m saving my pennies for a “new” one. Speaking of old laptops – I am having a hard time getting onto your blog. It crashed my laptop 3 times and shows warning pop-ups every time. Once it would not take me to your post – went to a Xmas post. I did get through twice in 6 tries. This may be my old laptop – but I’ve never had it refuse to open a blog before – it just goes real slow sometimes. Just letting you know.

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        • It definitely sounds like you need a new laptop. It should run XP okay but I’m not a techie so i’m not sure (I use Windows 8.1–everyone seems to hate it but I’m used to it lol)


  4. I am a believer in Christ. I am not religious but I will say I believe most of what I have read here and have personally seen the eye and countenance of a malignant Narcissist I lived with him married him twice and have been repeatedly devalued and discarded. During one of his lucid times he said it is like having a civil war in side you and you are out of control you are in darkness spiritually and you live that way. I know there is absolutely a spiritual issue at hand and I have after 20 years of this come to really not care who believes it or not I know what my children and I have experienced. Smoke detectors going off for no reason the disdained look on his face upon waking there was no smoke or fire WHEW! All I can say is it’s awful and leaves the family in tons of ashes and pain to bare. But God!

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    • Even the most malignant narcs have these moments of clarity. It’s kind of spooky because it’s like all of a sudden they have another personality, but it’s fleeting. It’s as if they wake up for a second and even their look changes to a different, more human one. It’s very, very weird. But it’s a moment that could change them if they really want to. Usually it passes too quickly unless God steps in. A really good therapist might be able to get through if they presened themselves for therapy, which they sometimes do.
      Still, we can’t delude ourselves int thinking they will get better. Most won’t.

      It reminds me of a scene in “The Shining” (the book, not the movie), where Jack Torrance (the possessed father) comes out of his trance for a second or two and tells his son Danny, “RUN! Get away from me, I love you!” Then he goes back into his murderous rage. It was incredibly creepy.

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  5. People you are not naïve or religious nut bars. I see snakes in people all the time. I have seen people change right in front of me. I have seen different voices come out of people right in front of me and I know what and who the devil is. Oprah and Gale have snakes in them and are very dangerous people.

    Some people who are jealous and plotters who have had their egos hurt will call other people Malignant Narcissists.
    They are exaggerating because their egos got hurt and lashing out and destroying other people is how they protect themselves. Women are more inclined to call other women MN in order to shame and destroy other women. It is a competitive and self protective thing. Sometimes it backfires on them and their family and friends finally see how jealous and evil they really are. They have the jezebel spirit.
    These women are usually raised by dysfunctional mothers and have the need to control and manipulated others around them.

    Not all MN are seducers. Some use pity to draw people into their worlds.
    Some MN pretend they are victims to get people to help them. Watch the movie “Master and Commander” They pretend they are injured and victims to get people to feel sorry for them and help them and then they slowly abuse you and take total control over your life and have everyone you know believing lies about you and your situation.

    They want to control you and keep you as a slave to them. They are slave masters and they have a need to dominate and control others for financial gain and they want others to like them better and think they are the superior ones.
    Master and Commander types usually have multiple personality syndrome because they are hosts for other beings. Obama is a host for other beings too! He is a puppet for the Muslims and the rich and famous. If you do not believe me now then I promise you one day you will see the truth for yourselves.
    I am working on some things right now and trying to figure our how to force some of them to admit some things but I find this a difficult task.

    Mystic and believer in the one true God, Jesus Christ

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  6. Psalm 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.4 Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;5 Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely. KJV
    I’m not a “Bible Thumper” either, but I am a believer in Jesus Christ, who happens to be (not a man in a painting with long reddish brown hair) but the WORD OF GOD (John 1:1). So if you don’t believe the words in the Bible, (the Word of God) then you don’t really believe in the real Jesus, but a cardboard cut-out (same as the Malignant Narcissist’s make us out to be in the eyes of others with their smear campaigns). Obviously, these people are born that way. Also read Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the tares in the book of Matthew. It does seem like Narcissism is contagious to some who don’t become narcs until later in life after being influenced by a Malignant Narc (such as my younger brother, the Golden Child, who didn’t show symptoms until late teens), but I believe a certain group of “people” are born evil. I believe my Mother is one of them. She has all but destroyed my entire life and murdered my enabling father recently (by the constant emotional and psychological abuse that intensified after I called her out on her Malignant Narcisissim likening her to a black widow spider with my dad trapped in her web), Nine month’s later, my Dad was dead. I didn’t go to his funeral because I knew that is what the evil bitch was trying to get me to do so that she would “win”. As usual it was a “win win” scenario for the evil bitch narc because if I went, she won by getting her other target (scapegoat) to come back around without her having to apologize for her malicious evilness, OR if I didn’t go, then it PROVED to all my extended relatives how “evil and mentally deranged” I AM, just as she has told them over the years. My dad actually loved me when I was a little girl, took me everywhere with him and I was a daddy’s girl. The evil bitch got jealous and fixed all that. By age 8 she had completely put a wedge between my dad and me and destroyed our relationship. From then on, he treated me as the “enemy”, while she proceeded to suck the life essence out of him over the years until he was left as nothing but shell of his former self, who began as a very loving, full of life man from a very loving and funcitional family. Thank God for my paternal grandparents who showed me what a functional, loving family looked like. If not for them, I probably would have turned out like the Queen Bitch who birthed. Sorry but I haven’t gotten to the point where I can forgive the Bitch. She has stolen nearly everything from me. She almost succeeded in turning my only child (15 year old daughter) against me. I noticed that everytime my daughter would go around her, my narc brother and his 12 year old daughter, she would come home hateful and malicious toward me, but not her daddy. I don’t know how these evil people get into the heads of others and turn them against their targets without demonic interference. I could not do what they do if I tried with all my might!! Nobody would listen to me smearing them and I would come out looking like the nut, yet these narcs smear their targets with EASE and come out looking like an “angel of light” (The Bible says the Devil comes disguised as an angel of light, hmmmmm). Though I always knew something was badly “off” with my family, esp my Mother, I finally woke up after reading House of Mirrors website last year and let her know I knew what she was. I never heard another word from her afterwards until 9 months later (9 months, how ironic) my narc brother texted a nasty text to my husband to let him know Daddy was dead “if anybody up there cares”. The truth is, I am the only one in that famly who REALLY cares. My heart was ripped out of my chest and I cried and cried and cried, I couldn’t eat for 3 days straight and I mourned for the relationship I didn’t get to have because that BITCH stole the only person (besides my brother) who would’ve actually loved me without her interference. The heartache is indescribable, and I couldn’t even go to his funeral, which further solidified their lies about how “uncaring and self centered” I AM. HELL IS NOT A STRONG ENOUGH PUNISHMENT FOR THESE EVIL DISGUSTING PIECES OF EXCREMENT


    • I am a Christian (not in name only!) and believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but I’m sorry I do not believe in “bad seeds” or that anyone is born evil, except in the movies. The Bible can and has been interpreted many ways by many different denomnations and sects of Christianity,. I don’t know how to explain that Psalm verse but I could not have faith in a God who would allow some babies to be evil even from the womb and be automatically destined for Hell with no hope of redemption. Jesus died for ALL of us, not just some of us. Everyone can be saved, not just some.
      That being said, some people do become evil at an early age (witness kids who kill) but this is due to abuse or neglect starting from birth–not receiving love or proper nurturing from the one person who is supposed to love you the most can really f*ck with a kid’s head and turn them into vicious psychopaths early on.
      But if caught early enough they can be helped — see the video “Child of Rage” about 6 year old Beth Thomas, if you don’t believe this. SHe was removed from her abusive natural parents and placed with loving adoptive parents who got her the therapy she needed and today she is a normal, loving woman who can feel empathy for others, in spite of her threats to kill her brother and parents at age 6 and her tormenting of their pets (an early sign of psychopathy).
      Sorry, I just can’t and won’t buy the bad seed theory.
      I respect your right to believe in it, however.


  7. Hi. I am a firm believer that something evil dictates those with NPD. I grew up in a home with a MN mother. As far back as i can remember there was always an intrusive feeling of a non visisble presence. I would see and hear things that others didnt. THINGS that i never saw before or could have possibly thought of. Each time i would complain to my mother she shot me down with anger instead of reassurance as you would a scared child. Based on her reaction i learned to keep things to myself. We moved a few times. And it seemed that each house was “haunted”. What i expierienced as a young child was terrifying, paralyzing fear. I had no knowledge of the bible or spirituality. It was as if something was always watching me. I had to pretend that i didn’t know that it was there.
    My mother knew. And she knew that i knew too. But she KNEW what it was and gave it free reign to terrorize me. This is a hard thing to wrap your head around. It made her angry that i noticed and even more angry when i spoke of it. I am the last of six children. My siblings are under the same curse but i got an extra added goody.
    When my mother was eight months pregnant with me she wanted to terminate the pregnancy as she already had five kids. My father wouldnt allow it. It’s a bad move to take control away from a narcissist. So, she came up with a more creative way to try to destroy me. She told a STORY of how a letter showed up at the house. It had a big black circle on the back of the letter. Inside was a picture of a lady holding a baby. The babys body was colored in black, the eyes colored red with a hole drawn on the forehead. My mother to this day still has this letter. Who would keep such a thing? to make a long story short she pretty much served me up like a turkey dinner to the devil so the spiritual harassment in her life would stop. She told me when i was 16 that it left her when she had me. “IT” At the time i had no idea what she was talking about but started suffering from anxiety and depression for years. Nightmares and sleep terror’s. She knew all the while what was happening and it made her squeal with glee to see my diminished state day after day.
    Launching a smear campaign against me from the time i was born my behavior just reinforced what she’s been telling everyone all along.
    I could tell you about all kinds of atrocities but don’t have enough page.This woman tried to kill me, TWICE that i know of. Once when i was eight and when i was thirty. Talk about your long term goals. It took me till i was forty to make this mind blowing discovery. You can’t make this shit up. She willingly invited the devil into her life to destroy her children. What could be more evil than that? And WHO would believe such a thing? I do . I lived it and survived. I’ve been working on a book for years. The raging black eyes and breathing through clenched teeth is a look from her i will never forget. The absolute hate coming from those eyes is indescribable. It wasnt the houses that were haunted it was her. And she did this on purpose. It’s beyond evil.

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    • I agree with you. I think almost all MN’s and psychopaths are truly evil. Maybe they weren’t always this way but made a choice to become so. Yes, I know about those black eyes and have seen them. Once you see them you will never forget. I saw them on my ex when he was in one of his rages. So I know exactly what you’re talking about and believe those high on the spectrum really are bad people.

      All that being said, I’m a believer in the NPD spectrum, which means there are grades of narcissism. For those lower on the spectrum, they tend to do bad things or at least not care about others, but for some, there is a genuine desire to rid themselves of this disorder and regret for the way they behave. But as I said to the other person, a narc must have BOTH insight and willingness to change, and unfortunately these traits are not part of NPD so such people are pretty rare. \

      I think narcissism is as much a spiritual disorder as a mental one, and maybe more so. I think that’s why it’s almost impossible to dislodge once in place.


    • I was on my way out before, so I didn’t have the chance to read your comment carefully. I just did now. Wow. Your mother certainly was evil. What an incredibly horrifying experience you had as a child, and later on too,but as a child especially. Have you read “People of the Lie?” M. Scott Peck doesn’t use the term “malignant narcissists” in his book (at least not referring to individuals), but that’s who he’s describing. Yes, they made a choice, a point of no return after which they can never go back.

      My mother wasn’t as bad as yours, but I remember having dreams about her as a demon with black eyes. I would wake up screaming and crying.
      And like yours, she KNEW I knew—and that made her hate me, if she didn’t already. I totally believe such beings exist. I don’t know if they are possessed or not. Maybe they are. They were once human, but something horrific took over in them at some point, probably due to a choice they made. I think it’s possible to become evil, even as an adult. I do believe in all of this, even if some ACONs think I’m too tolerant of narcissism (I’m not, but only in the sense that a narc low on the spectrum may not be completely overtaken by evil yet and is still redeemable/curable). But for the MN’s? No, they walk in darkness and will always walk in darkness.


      • Yes I think there are levels. Some are just the fall off of evil. Like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I married a narc. Go figure. Once your groomed you become a target for other narcs. I find myself profiling people now. I used to believe in the goodness of others and that we all deserve the benefit of the doubt. Innocent till proven guilty. But my eyes have witnessed an evil that not all see. I’m not a bible thumper either but I do have a strong faith in god. Nothing can move me from the belief that Jesus is lord. There is much we can’t explain or prove to others. Unless you have lived this nightmare no one could possibly understand. And the bible addresses this evil too. To not acknowledge god means to have no fear. And he who fears nothing loves nothing. Thank you for being brave enough to share your insights on this. Its good to know were not alone.

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  9. 1) spooks (spirits) do exist. Just because they cannot routinely be ‘seen’ due to their non-material nature does not mean they’re not present.
    2) someone (under the title of ‘brace’ as a search term) thought to diagnose Brimstone /Sulfur-breath/ the devil as a ‘Narcissistic Psychopath’.
    3) when a person is ‘showing forth’ – the church environment I was in at that time spoke of it as ‘manifesting’ – there is a decided change in demeanor, and often, there is a change in the eyes. The instance I most recall – an individual named ‘Marc’ – his eyes changed. I cannot describe it more than that, as I was helping to hold him down while *both* sides of his body (he’d had a stroke, if I recall correctly) worked *very* well.
    4) discerning the presence of ‘spooks’ / spirits takes an UNCOMMON level of discernment. Most people don’t have it to *any* degree. They’d be fooled into thinking ‘whatever they wish to think’ were a spirit ‘showing forth’. I might well have it to a *small* degree. I’ve known people who’ve had it to a MUCH greater degree than I do or did – and while they do exist, they’re ‘in white raven territory’ as far as being common – and even THEY get fooled now and then.
    5) to get an idea of how spooks think, one might read ‘The Screwtape Letters’. It’s almost prophetic as to how it describes here and now. Other books, much darker in tone, are ‘the 48 laws of power’ and ‘Might is Right’. (The last might well be a description of psychopathy from the inside!)

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    • Sounds like that guy Marc might have been possessed. I definitely believe that can and does happen. I read the Screwtape Letters long ago– I need to read that book again.


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