Blogging and writing

Blogging and Writing


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Why Twitter Has Made Me a Better Writer

How to Retain Your Blog’s Traffic When You Aren’t Writing New Content 

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But I Like My Widgets!

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Stream Of Consciousness Blogging

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Walls of Words

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A Lifetime of Writing (part one)

Lucky Otter’s Haven is Growing Up!

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I Feel Like an Explanation is in Order

What Do You Like Best (and Least) About Blogging?

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Blogging is Not for Pussies

The Drudgery of Blogging


The Narcissism of Blogging

Blogging Drunk

Blogging is Crack for the Soul, but is Blogging about Narcissism, um, well, Narcissistic?

This Blog is Half a Year Old Today

Why This Blog is Becoming Successful and How Yours Can Too

Why is Narcissism so Hot These Days (peripherally related to blogging, but it still belongs here)

The Chatterbox and the Hermit

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Running Naked in Public

I’m Holding My Nose

A Vast Wasteland

On Political Correctness and the Inevitability of Offending People

I Don’t Care Who Reads This Blog

Writing is Cheaper then Therapy or Drugs

This Blog is Growing. Your Can Too

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This Is What I Was Born to Do

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How Writing Every Day Has Changed Me


I’m Frustrated

My Own Little Kingdom

Nobody Knew Who I Was

7 Science Based Reasons to Use Emoticons

My Decision to Run Ads on This Site

642 Views?! It’s My Second Best Day Since Christmas!

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My Most Popular Posts (as of 2/19/15)

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Why I Run Ads Here

Why Did WordPress Get Rid of the Old Editor?

I Write So My Head Won’t Explode.

20 Truths of Blogging

10 Things That Make Your Blog Suck

15 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Noticed

Crazy Ride (my blogging experience)

“Why Crazy People Make the Best Bloggers” (article from Forbes)

2 thoughts on “Blogging and writing

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  2. OMG this is so funny. When I was 17 I had a senior English teacher who deemed us “non college material.” I had been demoted to his level by a junior accelerated English teacher I didn’t like, and I wouldn’t do her work. She contacted my parents and said “J could be a straight-A student if she wanted to be.” I told them all to leave me alone. So she demoted me to this guy’s class, and he READ to us instead of teaching us! He read In The Penal Colony by Franz Kafka — to 17-year-olds! Well, I fell asleep, and I guess I would snore sometimes. He would drone on and without changing his tone would say …..and don’t let her start snoring…. my friends thought it was hilarious. But in reality, Kafka is heavy sh– for kids that age! I can laugh about it now. (Gotta remember there was no internet back then, so kids were more isolated from books and media.)

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