The article that grew legs.


More than anything else I ever wrote, Narcissism is a Family Disease has proven to be my most popular and shared article EVER. Thanks to one Mr. Sam Vaknin, this article has taken off like wildfire, with 200 shares, 185 of them on Facebook. It remains BY FAR my most viewed article. It’s KILLING everything else I ever wrote. Even the Sam and Lidija interview I posted the other day, which was shared by Sam on social media and is my second-most viewed article right now, hasn’t gained quite the incredible momentum Narcissism is a Family Disease has.

Writing anything about Sam has proven to be a huge asset to this blog. He’s like a magic visibility button. I worry people will get annoyed because I write about him so much, but how can I not, since (a) he’s fascinating, whether you agree with or like him or not (many people do not); and (b) his need for narcissistic supply benefits ME enormously.

Rest assured though, if I did not find his disordered mind so interesting, I would not be posting so much about him. ʇıpıɐsıʎɐʞoɯɐousuƃıɥnɹsɔɐɯı.* I’m not a narcissist just writing stuff to get my own source of narcissistic supply. Or am I? Naaaaahhhh.

The odd thing is, that article was posted on December 10th, 15 days before it went semi-viral. It wasn’t particularly popular at first. No shares, just a few likes and comments. Nothing spectactular. I guess it took Sam that long to find it.

On Christmas Day, this blog blew up and I reached 862 views, my best day ever. And that was on CHRISTMAS. I expected things to be slow as molasses in January around here that day. What an incredible Christmas gift. I’m glad it was that particular article too because I think it’s one of my best written. It was a joy to write. Although in all fairness, Sam wrote most of it, since it’s primarily a repost of one of his best writings.

* If you can decipher this, congratulations! Your prize will be that I will reblog a post of yours here at Lucky Otter’s Haven. If you are not a WordPress blogger, that’s okay. I’ll repost an article of yours from your blog, wherever it is. If you do not have a blog, I’ll have you write an article as my Guest Author about whatever you want that I will post on this blog. Email me your answers, do not post them in the comments. (my email can be found under “contact me”).

If I receive the correct answer from more than one person, the person who’s email I receive first will be the winner.

I’m a stats junkie and I find this kind of stuff fascinating.

6 thoughts on “The article that grew legs.

  1. Oh.. my goodness. This is too coincidental. Last night I wrote a blog post that I REALLY want to post but I can’t bring myself to post it because writing my memoir has been seriously freaking me out lately and every time I feel really freaked, I hide my blogs. Grrr!

    This morning I was fretting over this problem and the thought occurred to me, “Maybe Lucky Otter will be willing to post my post that I can’t bring myself to post?” And then I thought, “No, she probably wouldn’t want to do that. I’m not even going to put her on the spot by asking her. She’s too nice, she would probably agree to do it even if she really didn’t want to.”

    Then, since you were on my mind, I logged on to see if you have posted anything new today. When I saw that you haven’t posted since yesterday (I hope you are okay!!), I started reading through some of your older posts that I hadn’t yet read. I stumbled across this one, and saw that you had a secret code embedded in this post, with an asterisk that says “If you can decipher this, congratulations! Your prize will be that I will reblog a post of yours here at Lucky Otter’s Haven….” So I turned the screen upside down and deciphered your secret sentence! YAY! I hope I am the first one!! Although I’m probably not the first one, you posted this over 3 months ago. The universe is amazing, but surely it is too much of a coincidence that I would find this older post and decipher your secret message within a half hour of wishing that you would post my unposted post for me?!?! I don’t know… but… I will send you an email (from my Lady Quixote email address) with my answer to your secret message, just in case!

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    • That’s an amazing story! Yes, the universe certainly does have a way of making things work out perfectly sometimes. And yes, you are the first to decipher it. I was secretly relieved no one was interested to solve it, because, well you know. LOL!

      Actually, I don’t have any good new ideas tonight, and was wondering what I should post, so of course I’d be more than happy to have you as my guest author, and your stories are always so interesting anyway.
      And I’m not just saying this because I’m “nice.” Even if you just asked and didn’t solve the puzzle, I’d still do it, because I want to. Fair?

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      • Thank you. You are AWESOME. I finally emailed my post to you. Sorry it took me 3 whole days! I’ve been a nervous wreck over this. But when I finally decided to go ahead and I sent you my post… all my nervous anxiety instantly went away. So I guess this is the right thing, huh?

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        • I think you did the right thing, Alaina,
          I did receive your emails, I have yet to read the story, but I think doing this is something you won’t regret. A few weeks ago I had posted two articles that I was terrified to post–I kept them in Private for days before taking that deep breath and making them public.
          They were two of my best written posts because they were written with far more emotion than my other posts and came from a very deep place. Not one person had a negative comment. I’m so glad I posted them. I think you will be too.
          BTW, I emailed you about the photos, two of which I can’t access.

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