Dear Reader,

I am not a mental health professional and am therefore not qualified to diagnose anyone, even people I am close to.

That being said, as an ACON and survivor of a very long marriage to a narcissist, I feel like I have at least some subjective reason to be qualified to write about NPD, other Cluster B disorders, and my own disorders.

Keep in mind that my “diagnoses” of celebrities and people I have lived with or know are entirely subjective and not based on professional evaluation, which can only be done by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

Still, I think that we as ACONS and victims of narcissistic abuse, have a story to tell that can help and inspire others, or give them the courage to go No Contact or Low Contact with the narcissists in their lives. We also have a lot of insights into NPD and related disorders, and or course, what the narcs have done to our own mental health.

Blessings and Happy healing! 🙂
Lauren Bennett a/k/a “Lucky Otter”

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