Guest Posts


7 Red Flags of a Nasty Narcissistic Personality by Richard Grannon (SpartanLifeCoach)

When My World Shattered by Tessa Smeigh of Advocate for Mental Illness (BPD)

Accepting Limits by BoxingandBallet of Discovering Ratchet (ADD and Depression)

Facing Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Alisha of The Invisible F

You Are Empowered by Plain Ol’Vic (living with a family member with Bipolar; empowerment and self-growth)

Why Does Mental Illness Stigma Exist? by Matthew Malin, Confessions (mental illness stigma; spirituality)

Getting By One Day at a Time, Survivor Road (childhood sexual abuse; trauma; recovery; coping)

How Hypersexuality Plays a Role in Bipolar Disorder, by Jess Melancholia, The Bipolar Compass 

Abusers Break You — and Then HATE You For Being Broken, by Linda Lee, Surviving Trauma/PTSD Can Heal (narcissistic abuse; complex PTSD; mental illness stigma, God)

You  Are Beautiful and Loveable No Matter What The Narc Says, by Mel, The Enability Blog (narcissistic abuse; abusive relationships)

Narcissistic Abuse in 12-Step Programs, by Ceetee, Quicksand: The Darker Side of 12 Step Programs 

Life With Complex PTSD, by Alexis Rose, A Tribe Untangled

The Journey Inspired, by Amanda, Mandibelle16 (depression with severe fatigue)

Panic and Narcissism, by Don Shelby, Living With Narcissism

Descartes and the Killer Bees by Anna Girolami, Good Red Herring

Thoughts About Suicide and Selfishness (major depression, suicide) by Anonymous.