Songs about NPD and BPD


My “narc songs” lists have proved to be among my most popular posts. They’re definitely among the most fun!

20 Songs About Narcissists (#s 1 — 10)

20 Songs About Narcissists (#s 11 — 20)

12 More Songs About Narcissists, Part one

12 More Songs About Narcissists, Part two

11 Songs About Borderline Personality Disorder

10 Songs about NPD and BPD #5

I will keep posting new songs from time to time, so keep checking!

1 thought on “Songs about NPD and BPD

  1. Hey Bro´s, Buddies, Friends and Folks!!
    Humbly I must say that you missed the two BEST narcissist (anti..narc) songs ever written..
    So..Straight out.
    The Wonderstuff – Full of life-Happy now 🙂 Saved my life!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously.
    The Wonderstuff – On the Ropes (from same album) You get 10 years of psychotherapy in 3.3 min.

    Live With Your Heart – And Never Let Anybody Say Otherwise. Not even granma!..:)


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