Help for people with Cluster B disorders


8/22/15 UPDATE! From now on, all articles about healing or treating NPD and BPD will be on my other blog, Down The Rabbit Hole.

I realized I have so many articles about or that reference healing and treatment techniques for people suffering from NPD (and BPD) that I decided to devise an easier way for people to find these articles by creating a sort of “Table of Contents” listing them.

The possibility that narcissism could be healed in some cases (I don’t think malignant narcissists or psychopaths/sociopaths can be healed) is important to me because I would love for everyone, even narcissists to be able to realize their full human potential they were born with.

It also sure would be a nicer world for the rest of us to live in if somehow NPD could be exterminated from our planet, wouldn’t it?

Many or most of these methods have been also used on people suffering from BPD, with varying success. It’s slightly less difficult to treat someone with BPD because their disorder is more ego-dystonic (less acceptable to them) than for a person with NPD. That being said, all personality disorders are difficult to cure, because they have usually been with the person most of their lives and have become an integral part of the personality, unlike anxiety or other neurotic disorders, which are easily cured.

Healing Narcissism is Like Performing a Skeleton Transplant

Schema Therapy/Reparenting for an NPD Patient (videos).

A Narcissist in Therapy (Kohut’s Self Psychology Model)

Healing Narcissism: Stephen’s Story

Narcissism and Chakra Healing

Attitudinal Healing: A Cure for Narcissism?

Free Association: Thoughts on Gratitude, Pride and Healing

On Narcissists Who Want to be Cured

Can Sam Vaknin be Cured of NPD? Or is That Pie in the Sky?

Do Narcissists Cry? (see the part about lucid dreaming as a possible tool in therapy)

Could “Reparenting” Actually Cure a Narcissist?

Comment from a Narcissist Who Wants Help
Followup article to this can be found here.

Letter From a Narcissist’s True Self

Why Isn’t There a 12-Step Program for Narcissists?

Can A Psychopath Ever Be Cured (documentary–the story of Beth Thomas)

The Curse of the Aspergers/Avoidant/Borderline Triad (while not about treatment for BPD per se, I do touch on Marsha Linehan’s manual for treatment of BPD using a form of behavior modification called Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT).

From BPD Transformation‘s blog: The Borderline-Narcissistic Continuum: A Different Way of Understanding Diagnosis — more about diagnosis than healing, but still belongs on this list.

“Back From the Edge” — video about BPD which includes information about DBT therapy.

Turtle (a helpful DBT tool for Borderlines)

Embracing Vulnerability: Reparenting Myself (password protected)

How to Remove a Mindworm


“Hand Crack” for My Birthday

I was asked to add this resource as well, which is helpful both to people recovering from narcissistic abuse and those just wishing to get more information about NPD and narcissistic abuse:
Counselling Directory: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

In addition, there are some great resources for people with NPD and BPD in the great ACON blog The Narcissistic Continuum.

8 thoughts on “Help for people with Cluster B disorders

  1. This might well sound awful, but many confirmed ‘social predators’ (npd, aspd, bpd, etc) derive substantial ***social profit*** from their predatory behavior.

    Like most Normies, *power expressed as social dominance* is not merely pleasurable, (intrinsic reward, comes from within) but is also rank-enhancing (extrinsic reward, comes from without / from others)

    Now, if power is your drug of choice, and much of society supports you in your addiction – are you going to give something like that up *willingly*? Give up that ***rush*** – that feeling of being *too HIGH to live’ on the social world’s version of ***crack***?

    Not very likely.

    What’s more likely is you will ‘crawl through a sewer and beg to buy, with no sales talk needed’. Burroughs said ‘junk’ was the ultimate merchandise.

    He was wrong.

    It’s power – and society tends to give Pds a LOT of power.

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    • Unfortunately a lot of people with NPD and ASPD are highly successful because the traits they possess are valued in the workplace and in society in general, while the traits they do not possess are dismissed as “weakness” when actually those things are true proof of strength. What a skewed world we live in with its fucked up priorities and the evil being held up as “heroes” to emulate.
      And of course, the sheep always do.

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  2. Uh, not sheep.

    There are no ***sheep*** in the dominance hierarchy named ‘society’. (there might be some outside of it…)

    All caste members desire to increase their rank; and, since social dominance is -at best- a zero-sum game, one increases ones rank by ***predation***.

    Sheep – at least the ones l’ve seen – make lousy predators, and worse ***cannibals***.

    Being ‘out-caste’ does have some few advantages (and a host of detriments…). Being unable to play the needed head-games so as to ‘dance around the campfire of a subtle complicated game of power’ means that one does not ‘have skin in that game’ – and hence cannot profit by strong delusions which blind many Norms to the truth of ‘The Great Game’.

    Note: the reference to ‘subtle complicated game of power’ is because someone else wrote that, and it – and the article where I read it – really got to me. I wish I could write half as well as that person.

    Note 2: I’ve no idea what to call what most Norms seem to spendthe bulk of their productive hours doing. It isn’t useful save in the context of ‘gaming’ – as in *corporate gamesmanship, game theory, gaming the system… and, finally, what Britain and Russia were doing in and around Afghanistan in the 1800’s – which was called ‘the great game’.

    Dead serious, fortunes, lives, territory – all tossed so two empires could try to devour one another.

    Games. Ugh!

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  3. I am not certain how Normdom (as a whole) views this sort of thing – this ‘game’. I suspect the following (this because I’m not ‘Normal’, and cannot become ‘Normal’):

    1) Most ‘Norms’ have a LIMITED awareness of what they are doing in the social world. This is due to ‘instinctual self-deception’ (in order to deceive others, you must first deceive yourself) and, ultimately, by the sheer instinctual nature of *most* ‘Normal’ social interaction. Example (of why most Normie nonsense is most likely instinctual in nature) – watch a group of pre-schoolers. They got that social thing going, and they’re usually fairly ***good*** at it – unless, of course, one of them is someone like I was fifty-plus years ago.

    That individual will be preyed upon, and most likely by everyone other than himself. Why? Because he’s not NORMAL – and no, Normal is not a behavior. It’s an identity, just like ‘Autist’ is an identity – and the bulk of Normdom knows this instinctually.

    2) Social ‘gamesmanship’ is ultimately what underlies MOST of what happens in the world-at-large. Example: Politics is simply ‘the social scene’ on a macro scale. (Which is why ‘social intelligence’ is also named ‘political intelligence’ – and, ultimately, ‘Machiavellian intelligence.)

    3) the kicker is ultimately what ‘chimps’ – those strange hairy creatures that seem so much like us that some people think them to ‘be’ us (to the point of raising them as children, no less!) do ‘in the wild’. This is described briefly in an article titled ‘A society where everyone is a sociopath’ – which is a smallish excerpt from a book written by Frans de Waals (hope I spelled that right; I got tormented a LOT growing up by people mispelling my name)
    I hope to get that book, but ‘too much to buy, and nowhere near the funds for all of it’.

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  4. The only thing I think can transform a human being with cluster b is Jesus Christ. Just like the famous psychologist said who started aa. They deal with these issues in aa

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    • I mostly agree. You might be interested in reading my post about Apostle Paul (I wrote it a few days ago so you shouldn’t have to scroll back too far–or you can search for it).


  5. I am in the process of continuing to be run over by a malignant NPD, post divorce. My world has been turned against me and I am left in ruin. All of the reading resources and testimonials are nice to affirm I am not alone but….. it gives me no answers on how to make it stop, no resources to address my need for REAL therapy or physical disabilities or legal ability to defend/address a thing, no direction to take my life.
    I simply need to talk directly with a real person who can relate. Not a person in my world, even the very few close “supporters” I have left, can associate. In fact, the result of this all is such that EVERYONE only causes me pain in a way they do not / can not / will not understand. General therapists are a waste of time and REAL experts completely inaccessible if not impossible to find.
    I sit here impotent in a world that does not want to hear me, employ me, believe me, help me….I went down the path of suicidal….72 hours later….. that’s just not me. I’ve learned that I have a stupid strong constitution and love for the little things in the world that have always amused me. I just want to live my life in quiet peace. The world apparently wants otherwise of me.

    Anyone need a friend? I do.


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