The story behind the background painting

The painting used in my background was one I found on Deviantart (by doing a Google search while I was creating the blog) and this one spoke to me on several different levels, so I chose it for my blog.

1. A riverbank is the domain of the river otter, so that fits in with my blog’s title and my username.
2. The painting is lovely but a little haunting and mysterious. We ACONS tend to be highly sensitive (which was why were abused/scapegoated) and we appreciate natural beauty more than most, but we’ve been living in the fog for most of our lives due to the narcissists in our lives keeping us off balance and confused. Now we’re taking the steps to find our way out of the darkness and fog and out into the sunlight.
3. The legendary Narcissus, of the Greek myth, spent his youth staring into pools of waters in settings exactly like this one.

This is the entire original painting.
“Riverbank” by Ferdinand Ladera (Deviantart), 2011

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