Even though my articles about God and spirituality have everything to do with my recovery (in addition to nearly constant cathartic blogging and writing), I’m not posting them in this section because there may be agnostics or atheists reading this blog. The more religious and spiritual articles have their own subheader which is listed under “My Story” in the header.

When Your Therapist Rejects You

Observing Your Feelings


Self Pity and Self Compassion:  There’s a Huge Difference

How to Reparent Yourself

Empathy Begins at Home

Paper Tigers: Why I Choose Understanding Over Rage

Staying Grounded

Crazy Ride (blogging and recovery)

Spartanlifecoach: Beating C-PTSD in the Face with a Big Zen Stick

“Reclaiming My Life”–Michelle Mallon’s Story of Healing

Free Association: Thoughts on Gratitude, Pride and Healing

Chronic Rage is a Trap, Not a Trophy

Why Unrelenting, Chronic Rage is So Toxic

The 4 Types of Narcissistic Abuse Victims

Narcissism’s Emotional Fallout (reblogged article)

How Writing Every Day Has Changed Me

Self Pity and Stress

My Journey So Far: A Timeline of Recovery

Narcissists Don’t Change

Narcissists Who Use 12-Step Programs to Further Their Agenda

Chicken Soup for Abuse Survivors (videos from “Delusion Dispeller”)

Why You Should Never Jump into a New Relationship After Narcissistic Abuse

Girl Scout Cookies and God

Keeping it All in Perspective

Relearning How to Cry

The Feels

This Is What I Was Born to Do

How Writing Every Day Has Changed Me


“No Contact”


Why Are There No Appropriate Mother’s Day Cards if Your Mother is a Narcissist?

Who Needs Drama

If You Choose to Stay With Your Narcissist…

Righteous Anger

Three More Days Until My One Year Narc-Free Anniversary!

11 Ways to Deal With a Narcissist


Surviving The Holidays

It’s All About Image: The Skewed Values of Narcissistic Families

Why My Parents Disowned Me

I Don’t Care Who Reads This Blog

To My Parents… (the “letter” I wrote after I found out they had discovered this blog)

What I Believe About No Contact (in case there are any doubts)

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