“Beating C-PTSD in the face with a big Zen stick”

A new video about mindfulness by Spartanlifecoach (Richard Grannon) and how becoming “pH neutral” can help people with complex PTSD and related disorders.

19 thoughts on ““Beating C-PTSD in the face with a big Zen stick”

  1. I have difficulty with PTSD because my stress isn’t post traumatic. I inboxed you. I texted you. I left you a message. Fran talked to me yesterday and cheered me up. I even wrote Lidija a message and Audrey.

    The therapist saw the fake profile and read the messages. She is actually is worried about my safety because the questions are disturbing to her. She said I am being totally gaslighted. I’m not worried about that. I am worried about my safety.

    Remember,.. I told you 2 years ago my tire was slashed in the church parking lot. But luckily the Pastors came out in the dark parking lot with me and changed the tire.

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        • Yes, but I’ve been working more jobs to try to save to get my car fixed. Or get a new (used) car. I can’t do that working only the amount I was before. And back to a 5 day work week too. I didn’t even make it to choir practice on Tuesday–I was dead when I got home. Well, not really but I felt that way! Speaking of dead, I’m getting too old to be working this hard or this much. It’s going to kill me.


          • So how many hours are you working? 40 hours. I know what you mean about working your butt off. Today I didn’t make it to the gym…because I of the beach. There was a man that came into my job the other day who was so so handsome, and he told me he was 60 years old. I mean he kindof looked like he could be James Bond and I thought, “damn he’s got to be some kind of a Narcissist”,.. Because he had a perfect tan. He flew in from Florida and stopped at my counter to but eye cream for his eyes. All the women were huddled up…cause they were admiring his looks.

            So me and the perfectly Somatic man had a conversation about how to look that great. I must of been some major supply or something because my interest in his excersize routine gave him the go ahead to be a fitness guru. He told me he swims 1 mile a day and I think he swims it in 30 mins. I asked him how many laps makes a mile. He said about 30 laps (back and forth which is 60 counting each way). I told him I swim 15 laps and do light weight training. So he told me to go get short flippers for my feet and swim 30 laps… And I will see my legs and everything transform into the female version of him.

            It was an educational conversation. 🙂


          • One of these days you’ll take a trip here maybe. In time. Someday I’m going to buy a home either near the beach or in the mountains where its more rural. I already live in the mountains… But I like it to be more rural when it comes to mountains.

            Its a tough choice beach or rural mountains. Mountains are so beautiful when it snows, and the coast is also beautiful. Right now all the tourists left the Jersey shore. You can get parking. The restaurants are perfect now. All the local residents come out at night.

            I think New Jersey is a beautiful state. I thought about going out to PA…but I really think I want to stay in New Jersey because I have easy access to the coast…I have Trenton and Philly and NYC.

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            • you live in the mountains? I don’t think of NJ as being mountainous, but there are some smallish mountains in the northwestern section. That must be where you live then.
              Where I live is very mountainous. Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak on the east coast and I’m about 30 miles away from that. I live in a valley area though. Driving here in the winter can be scary when there’s ice and snow on the ground.


          • It was fun today. I’ll tell you about the beach when we talk…when your feeling a bit better. Take a day of fun for yourself. If I was down there with you… I’d be dragging you into a zen day. I’d drag Fran along to… Cause she’d have us laughing. She has a great sense of humor.

            They had a lobster special for $21 dollars. So,..with it I had a broiled lobster,..a cup of New England Clam chowder (I test tasted it first,..because I’m picky about creamy clam chowder. It has to taste somewhat like it was made in Bar Harbor Maine. It past my test. Then I had a baked potato and broiled veggies and really awesome homemade Cole slaw and baked bread. You really can’t beat Lobster that comes out of the Northern parts of the United States.

            Yes…you do need laughs.

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            • I had to take on more work because my stupid car needs to be fixed or I need a new one I haven’t been posting as much either, and I just wrote a post about it.
              Things really suck for me right now, tbh. 😦 I’m trying to stay positive about all this, but it all gets so overwhelming sometimes. 😦

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            • Hmmm,… Let me think. Well,…you don’t nessarily need money to do things. You could find simple things to do. Walking… Parks… Bicycle… Hike…

              You already started the church choir. Most churches have a guitar group too…and various activities. They often will pay for your fees if you don’t have money.

              But I hear you,…because you don’t have much time. You have to work more to pay the bills.

              Are you able to buy food? What’s wrong with you car??

              Let me find the post.

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            • Some kind of engine misfire, but it’s serious and won’t be cheap. The car is 14 years old and I probably need a new one I’m driving the company vehicle for now but I’m not really supposed to use it for anything but work. I’d consider lookign for another job but without a running car of my own, I have to wait. :/
              I can buy food. I’m not that bad off, but it’s always tight.

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            • Well… Engine misfire… Could be a simple tune up.

              If your not getting fuel…a hesitation… That could be a fuel injector.

              Have them run it through diagnostics. And get a trustworthy mechanic. I know right away when they try to rip me off. It infuriates me when they say… You need X,..Y and Z.

              It just might not be serious. Sometimes and old car can keep on going. Mine had 145 thouso miles and its still purring like a kitty Kat.

              Beware of mechanics that are pathological liars.


  2. New Jersey is a long State. The mountains start to peak where I live. I am the beginning of Northern NJ. There are beautiful mountains as you get closer to PA… Not far from Bethlehem, PA. There are also beautiful mountains and streams as you approach the part of NJ that hits the Delaware water gap. Then you hit Northern NJ…and you’ve got amazing mountains and forests as you approach New York State. Its not like Vermont…and upper stare NY…Maine and Canada. I remember hiking up near Bar Harbor once and that is beautiful. I went fly fishing in Vermont…and that was beautiful.

    But I have a stream (a brook) in my back yard…and lots of woods and nature trails right in my neighborhood. We also have a place to hike up the street which is called Chimney Rock. I use to hang up there with friends when I was in my teens. It was the mountain party rock.


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