Soul food

I thought I’d start a page of songs that have been helpful to me in my healing. Maybe these will help others too. I’ve put them in categories for their effect.

Songs to put you in a more positive mood.

I can’t help smiling when I hear this upbeat reggae tune. I don’t understand why this song wasn’t a hit here in the States–it was huge in the UK and Australia.
I used this otter video since it’s my handle and you also can’t help smiling when you see his silly antics.

This classic rocker from the 1980s is not only a great rock song, it has a positive message about determination to make it in spite of adversity and setbacks.

Whenever I’m feeling down and depressed, this song always makes my load feel a little bit lighter. Although it’s a Christian song, it’s not necessary to be Christian to get something from the lyrics. Hope knows no religion. The vocals are amazing too.

Here’s another positive CCM pop rock song from the Christian band Third Day. I love the message and the music.

Here’s a fairly recent EDM song that’s been inspirational to me. Although it’s probably about falling in love, the lyrics are oblique enough that I like to think this is about God, making me feel “ten feet tall.”

This song from the 90s is very nostalgic to me, but also has a positive message about making the day you’re in the greatest day ever.

Here’s an old “sunshine pop” song from 1967. It’s a reminder of more innocent times and just makes you feel like taking a walk in the park or blowing bubbles or doing something silly. I love the harmonies.

This is the song that gave me strength right after I went No Contact. Everything about this song–especially its words and upbeat sound–makes me feel strong, and of course safe and sound. The video’s so much fun to watch too. I’m still not tired of this song.

My son dedicated this song to me, and it truly made my day. I feel like it can remind others that even if you feel all alone in the world, God still loves you and wants you to be happy.

James Taylor was one of my favorite singer-songwriters when I was very young, and this one couldn’t be more inspiring. I actually saw this posted on another ACON blog and the lyrics do seem to be referring to malignant narcissists “who can be so cold” and “will take your soul if you let them.” In addition, the “friend” Taylor refers to here is clearly Jesus Christ, who will always be there even when no one else will.

Work up some anger to kick him/her to the curb!

Here’s a rock song from the 90s with enough righteous anger in it to inspire you to kick out your narc too!

Here’s an 80’s classic by Tina Turner, after she got away from her abusive husband Ike. I love her strength of character in this song. Don’t f**k with Tina!

Go ahead and let the tears flow.

If you feel like you need to cry, these songs just might help you do that. They work for me!

Colson Grainger is an unsigned singer-songwriter but his haunting and emotional vocals always manage to bring tears to my eyes. This music video was made by my son (he is lip-synching here) and is the only one for this song on Youtube. The space footage is breathtaking.

Barber’s Adagio for Strings makes me bawl. It’s very cathartic.

Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, in A Minor” is incredibly emotional. This was the theme song used in the weepy love story “Somewhere in Time.” (if you haven’t seen this movie and like romantic films, you must see it!)

Meditation Music

There are many chakra meditations available on Youtube. Here’s a good one to start with. As you meditate on each one, try to focus on the corresponding part of the body (I have them listed in the linked article below).
Here is my article about chakra healing.

I’ll be adding other songs as I think of them.

If readers have any songs that have inspired them, I’ll be happy to add them here.

8 thoughts on “Soul food

    • Get Out of This House is great. (I’m not sure it’s even about a narcissistic relationship but it could be). Sunny Came Home is really good too. Never could stand the Cowboys song though (Paula Cole was the artist). Boring and way overplayed imho.

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