Handling Online Trolls and Bullies

Handling Online Trolls and Bullies


Why Do People Read (and Comment On) Blogs They Don’t Like?

9 Ways to Tell if the Victim Blog You Read Is Run By a Narcissist 

That One Annoying Commenter You Can’t Get Rid Of

Sh*t Haters Say

Being Firm With Spammers

Beware Who You Befriend On the Internet (blogger bullies)

The Awkwardness of Being a Borderline ACON (blog wars)

How To Deal With Haters and Critics (reblog)

At What Point Do Critical Comments Become Bullying?

Internet Psychopaths: The Difference Between Trolls and Bullies

Two Kinds of Stealth Trolls
Internet Trolls are Psychopaths

Can We Please End This Flame War?

Beware of N’s Who Use Mental Illness as an Excuse to Abuse

Beware of Malignant Narcissists Posting as Victims in the Psychopathic Abuse Community

Replying to My Haters

Worldly Annoyances: “Bloggers are Narcs” (reblog and followup to “Replying to My Haters”)

Haters Gonna Hate

Bullies, Slander, Plagiarism and Lies

I Need To Set the Record Straight, for All the Good It’s Going to Do

Be Flattered By Trolls! (reblog of post by Opinionated Man)

Blogging Bullies and Silly Fights (reblog from Galesmind.com)

Prepare Yourself for the Blog Bullies (reblog from Blog Herald–so good I’m adding it to this list.

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