Haters gonna hate.


For the past few days I’ve allowed a group of online bullies to really get me down and even make me consider not blogging anymore (God forbid, that will NEVER happen!)

I’m not willing to stop posting my unpopular opinions about controversial issues. I’m not going to censor myself for fear that certain small-minded people might not like me.

Someone pointed out something important though. If I’m going to take negativity from others so much to heart, then I either need to stop posting about controversial things that might make people upset, or accept the fact I’m going to have haters, especially since this blog is getting more popular.

I’ll keep the haters.

Opinionated Man is one of my blogging heroes. From the very beginning, his blog has inspired me. He has one of the most popular personal blogs on the Internet, but he sometimes posts his unpopular opinions and admits he has many haters who would love nothing more than for him to take down his blog. A lot of this is probably due to envy because of the swift growth of his blog, which has 50K plus followers. So obviously many more people like what he has to say, than those who want him to fall into a manhole and get trapped in it.

It’s a very small group of people who have been giving me trouble. I have so many more supporters and friends and I should focus on them, rather than on those who wish me or this blog ill. I’m like a person who frets about the one person scowling at me at a party, even though everyone else is happy to see me.

Not long ago, I wrote this post about having the courage to write about what you want. I need to follow my own advice.

Anyone know where I can buy a skin-thickening agent?

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  1. Hang in there. Haters gotta hate. Grumps gotta grump. OM really is a great support, just watching him face his critics is comforting, at least we know we’re not alone.

    A bit of faith gets me through it all. I really only answer to God and He is full of mercy, love, and understanding. God knows what’s in our hearts, so as flawed and imperfect as we all may be, it’s really His approval that matters, not the opinions of others.

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  2. That’s really what all this persnickety snicking is about. You keeping your freedom to create and write your recovery with no static and guilt. You already sound like you’re getting over the hurt and rejection. Letting the positive thoughts and feelings flow will help grow that thicker skin as we speak.

    OM sounds like a blogger I’d like. I’ve started following several of your commenters here Otter, so I want to thank you for the networking . change is good. I feel refreshed and ready to move forward too. Mother’s Day is hard, but contacting my parents would be much harder. Still I wish her well. I even hope my psychopath father is well even though he hates me with a murderous hate. I just get exhausted by all the ugliness. You guys are a bright spot in the world of narc bloogin’!

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  3. Q’s having a ball. This probably added 5 years to his life. Consider it a gift to him. You just detach and let the flames rage away. The whole globes awash in wrath and pain. He’s got no more importance than a tiny h2o molecule dropping the big open ocean. If we allow it , the darkness can envelope and quash the light. The strongest people uplift. Now I’ll admitt I’ve enjoyed about a thousand good belly laughs reading Qs work, but God please help me not end up like him. His poor mind and heart are completely obsessed in the bloody horrors of his foo. I pray for him. Neither him or I have forever to live. Can’t we EVER be free of those demons from the past. Ever?

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    • I am praying for him too, for all of them. They act like they are are on a holy mission and tote out bible verses to justify the cruelty. This is slander and possibly PLAGIARISM as well.
      I may need to apply for copyright protection, and also this dude is playing with fire should I choose to pursue this legally. I may have a case.
      This sort of bullying has led people to suicide and it’s evil. I didn’t want to call attention to this negative development anymore and wasnt going to post about it, but this is so above and beyond cruel it deserved to be called out in a new post. I wish it would all just go away.

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    If you never make waves you won’t rock the boat. You also won’t get any where. I used to let haters bother me. Let’s face it it hurts. It hurts more to not be true to yourself. Glad to see you are going places. I love your blog!

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  5. Look at these people’s silly posts as entertainment… it is like being insulted by a 2 or 3 year old child. You wouldn’t take that seriously right? Also, you can look at themas making you money. B/c this celebrity deathmatch-blogger batltle stuff is controversial and attracts more readership to your blog. And then you will get more money from ads.
    If you feel like continuing to write on the theme that not all people of a given type are “bad”, then you can and should do that.

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    • It’s funny you said that– because today is my Best Day Ever– 917 views! So they are unwittingly helping this blog they hate so much and want taken down. HAHAHA! Yes, they are very silly, and even funny if I could frame it that way and stop letting it bother me.


  6. Hater come when a truth or nerve is hit. Either they are jealous of something that you have accomplished or they are shamed by something that they are guilty of.

    The best way to address them is to find success in your opinion or actions. Your opinion is your opinion at the end of the day.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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