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Three years ago today: 20 Truths About Blogging.

Still as true today as they were three years ago!  Originally posted on May 21, 2015 In my 8 months of blogging I’ve learned a few things. Here are 20 of them. 1. Nothing is too personal to write publicly … Continue reading

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10 things that make your blog suck.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I think I’ve been in this blogging business long enough to tell when I see a bad blog. So I decided to round up the ten most annoying things I’ve seen bloggers do that…

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Bloggers Recognition Award!

Originally posted on Cyranny's Cove:
? Some time back, not so long ago, but still, a little while in the past, I have been nominated for this much, much, very-very much appreciated Award by someone very special to me…

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My first partner, Cyranny’s Cove!

I’m proud to announce that Lucky Otters Haven has its first partner!  And so soon!  Cyranny’s Cove is a blog written by a Danophile (a person who loves Denmark and anything Danish), but she also writes about many other things … Continue reading

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All Bloggers Are Losers

Originally posted on Shotgun Facelift:
I’ve been blogging for just about a week now. My journey into the world of blogs has come to a close and the results are in. I now feel like I’m in a position to…

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15 ways to write an unforgettable blog post.

Originally posted on 6/8/15 In my two plus years of blogging, I think I’ve learned a few things about how to write interesting (and sometimes controversial) posts people want to read. Sure, I’ve posted weak articles no one seems to … Continue reading

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Lucky Otters Haven is 2 years old! (Part two)

(Continued from Part One) Screenshots are all courtesy of The Wayback Machine (which you can spend hours browsing — it’s fascinating in its own right). ***** June 27, 2015 Several changes now.  I finally grew a brain and got rid … Continue reading

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Lucky Otters Haven is 2 years old! (Part One)

Yes, this blog has officially entered its Terrible Twos! In celebration of this milestone,  I’m going to be showing you how it’s evolved since it’s inception (well, actually, 4 months after its inception), thanks to The Wayback Machine, which crawls … Continue reading

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Meet & Greet! When You Grow Up

Originally posted on The Richness of a Simple Life:
Welcome back to another meet and greet weekend! For this event, I’d like to explore what you’d want to be “when you grow up” if there were no limits. If money,…

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How I decide what to post on my blogs.

Most of you probably know I have two blogs.  This is my primary one, and the first one I started.  It’s now a year and half old.    It’s been through a lot of changes.  It started as a blog … Continue reading

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