All Bloggers Are Losers

I don’t think this odious post deserves to even be linked to, but I’m reblogging it anyway because it’s one of those “things that make you go WTF.”  The writer stopped blogging 6 years ago anyway so it won’t matter (their last post was written in 2010, which means this post, written in 2009, was NOT their last blog post.)

This post explains why he decided to quit blogging.  Because “all bloggers are losers.”  He came to that conclusion after ONE WEEK of blogging.  And decided to write a blog post about it.  Mainly, it seems they got frustrated because they weren’t getting many views.  After one week of blogging.   Newsflash: it takes months, hell, even years to build up a good-size following or a high view count.    When I was blogging for a week, I had 12 followers.  12!!!!  Was it frustrating? YES!  I griped about it here.  But did I give it up?  HELL, NO.  Now I have over a million views and thousands of followers.  It takes time, people.  And patience isn’t a virtue of mine.

The blogger also claims he got “only” 64 views a day.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s very high for a blogger who has only been blogging for a week.   I don’t think I had 64 views until at least my second week–and that was per WEEK, not day.

I think the real loser was the author of this post.  It’s a shame too, because this blogger actually had some decent writing skills.

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Shotgun Facelift

I’ve been blogging for just about a week now. My journey into the world of blogs has come to a close and the results are in. I now feel like I’m in a position to comment about blogs and bloggers in general but I thought I’d just start with a good, old fashioned blanket statement (or generalisation) and announce that: ‘All bloggers are losers’

I’ll tell you how I reached this conclusion, or discovered this fact, or solidified my hypothesis very slowly and very methodically – so by the end of it, you’ll agree with me and will hastily scramble to your Dashboard to annihilate your blog from the ‘Blogosphere’. (My god, I fucking hate buzz words.)

Irony at its finest

The first time I made my blog I couldn’t help but feel slightly weird. Why was I doing it? Why should I write things for other people to read? Is it for myself?…

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34 thoughts on “All Bloggers Are Losers

  1. I haven’t read the loser’s (oops) post yet, but I can’t help but like yours… Too dang funny… a week?? I started getting considerable feedback after a year or so…. So, either I am a loser for hanging on, or…

    I’ll comment again after reading his post 🙂

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  2. I don’t think I got ANY likes or comments my first week. Some of my best (earliest) informational posts stand with only one or two – no matter how many times I link them as Related Posts.

    If tons of feedback is your underlying motivation, you won’t be happy with the community response in any case, no matter how many people follow, “like” and/or comment on your golden words of wisdom. You might as well fold early. (Coincidentally, I just read a post wondering why people simply like and run away without commenting.)

    Building an online community is not unlike creating a circle of friends in your town. It’s not enough to share a drink or cup of coffee and exchange names and numbers. It takes mutual support, continued interaction and multiple expressions of interest – over time. And sometimes people are too busy to connect at all. So what do you do then – move to a new town?

    From one loser to another – BLOG ON!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    • Everything you say is true. I think just getting followers or views should never be anyone’s primary reason for blogging. If it’s your only reason, people will be able to tell you’re just doing it for the attention and won’t stick around because your posts will show your lack of passion for whatever you’re writing about or it will be obvious your posts are just trying to attract attention. The best blogs are written by people who are passionate about what they write, or at least interested. I’d still write even if I got no views, just because I love to write.
      I didn’t get any likes or comments my first week either. So I can understand the frustration. All of us want validation. Even if it’s not the reason we blog, it’s nice to know we’re not shouting into an empty void.

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      • Early on I wondered if blogging was worth my time – it felt like sending messages in bottles until a few responses started to trickle in.

        I thought about quitting several times since, but I, like you, ultimately decided that I write for ME as much as for anyone else. I even go back to read some of my old posts on down days when I need to remind myself of what I know. 🙂 Ya’ teach what you need to learn, right? (I love “crack for my soul” – btw – don’t think I ever told you that, but it serves that purpose for me too).

        xx, mgh

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        • It felt that way for me at first too. But even if your post inspires, entertains, or helps only ONE PERSON, that’s enough to make it all worth it. I’m glad you like it here. 🙂

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          • In my experience, if you learn that you have inspired ONE, that means that many others have been inspired “behind the scenes.”

            That’s what I like to believe, anyway – and, years later, I have run into folks at conferences, etc. who fan that belief. A few recognize my name from my old website – which they read without a single jot of feedback, but remembered a decade and a half later.

            Now THAT’s motivation! (money’s good too, but that has been in shorter supply – lol)

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  3. I think the blogger’s post says far more about him/her than it does about his/her fellow bloggers. Ironically he refers to an average of 64 views a day, (many bloggers would give their eye teeth if they where receiving this number of views in their first week). He/she does make a valid point when he refers to how bloggers can become obsessed with checking their stats (the number of views, followers etc). This does not, however in any way validate his argument. I write/blog because I wish to share my poetry with anyone who cares to read it and I will continue to do so. Best wishes. Kevin

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  4. Lol…he was mad. Love the titles of the other posts too. “I think the title People Who Set Their Blog to Private are Gay.” That made me laugh the most. I have one set to private myself. 🙂

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  5. Ok I just got back from looking around. I just skimmed the article you linked and read some of the comments and then I checked out the one where he seems mad about blogs set to private. LOL.

    Again I didn’t read the whole thing but caught this one point. He says he doesn’t see any reason to keep a blog private because they are meant to be read.

    I’m not sure if his blog is supposed to be tongue in cheek or if he is serious. But it’s a pretty arrogant attitude to think keeping a blog private doesn’t make sense just because you can’t think up any reasons to. (Not you specifically Otter, I’m referring to the blogger you linked to and using ‘you’ to just generalize people who might think that.)

    I have my own reasons for doing it as I utilize it for myself to take notes on things that I reference for myself. Different people have different reasons for doing things.

    So in this person’s line of thinking, no one should journal either unless they’re gonna share it with people. Wtf?

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      • Lol, I got the impression he hates bloggers not blogs. But yeah, he seems to have been blogging with an attitude in hopes it would get readers’ attention.

        Maybe he wanted to be a popular angry blogger. People generally want to relate or they want info, not some attitude.

        Although I guess there are some who enjoy that sort of thing. Kinda like how drama attracts attention…although that tends to trend.

        I prefer to stay away from it or watch from afar.

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  6. *shrug* You get out of something what you are willing to put into it, plain in simple. I love all the connections I have made but even after two years I am still a small blog and there are plenty of days where I get less than 50 views. Does that discourage me? Nope because I appreciate what views I do get and enjoy any of my interactions.

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  7. I’ve been on WordPress for four years, and I don’t remember ever getting 64 views a day. Geez. A loser is someone who doesn’t even try… and he had the opportunity to relax on the attitude and practice something neither draining nor bad.

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