Bloggers Recognition Award!

Cyranny’s Cove awarded Lucky Otters Haven a Bloggers Recognition Award! I’m honored even though I no longer accept awards (I was getting too many and didn’t have room to display them in the sidebar).

But I’m still reblogging the post she wrote about her nominees because (a) she’s my “partner in crime” (and is still the only one — any other takers?) and (b) because she has listed a number of good blogs here with short (and funny) descriptions. I may check some of these out that I haven’t heard of.

Cyranny's Cove


Some time back, not so long ago, but still, a little while in the past, I have been nominated for this much, much, very-very much appreciated Award by someone very special to me (and very special altogether, I am pretty sure anyone would agree)

Now, I just thought about describing her without naming her anywhere through my whole post, as a joke, but since she is mad a me at the moment (:P) I won’t do that.

Thank you Suze, you very sweet you! For those (few, I am sure) of you who don’t already know Madame Suze, please, do yourself a favor, and visit her blog! Suze is one of the most amazing people I’ve met on Word Press! She is brilliant, soooo dang funny, caring, and if she decides to stalk your blog, you’ll be sure to have the most incredible exchanges via your “comment” box.


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