Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 6/25/16

Blogger Meet & Greet **share a post**


Have a post you’re just dying to share? It can be about anything!
Share it here, and meet other bloggers too!
Just drop your link in the comments and reblog this post. That’s it!
Besides your post being seen here by other bloggers, I’ll also share your post to my social media.

Let’s get the party started! Have fun!


Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 4/30/16

Meet & Greet! When You Grow Up

Another blogger is hosting a Meet and Greet this weekend. Come share your link or just find new blogs to follow.

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Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 4/8/16

Danny’s having another weekend blog blast! Stop by and drop your link over there.
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Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 3/25/16

***Share a Post Saturday!***


A couple of months ago I hosted a blog party but hardly anyone came. 😦

I’m going to try this again though.

I’m looking for some new blogs to read and would like know about them and I also want to help promote yours. Have a post you’re just dying to let everyone know about? Don’t be shy. Link to it here in the comments!

I’ll also share your post to all my social media, increasing your views.
All I ask in return is that you reblog this post when you drop your link. If you’d like, you can also share it to your social media too. Spread the word.

Have fun and go at it!

If this turns out to be successful, I’ll probably do this more often.


Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 2/26/16

Meet and Greet Weekend @ DBDO: 2/12/16

Always On My Mind Blog Party


1blog110Decisions. The average person now makes more decisions in a day than most did in weeks, months, even years. Decisions can engulf us. Haunt us. Overwhelm us. Interrupt us. Even stalk us in our dreams, ummm, a Nightmare on Choice Street? Choices are great, but too many can make it difficult, or almost impossible to make and trust decisions. Then comes the morning after, littered with “Did I make the right choice?”, “What did I do?”, “Can I return this?”, “What was I thinking?”.


Even in blogging there are so many decisions. At first, it felt frightening, like I was that boy in Jurassic Park, when Dr. Grant was explaining how Velociraptors kill.


Now I’m more like Chris Pratt, on a motorcycle, riding with the Velociraptors in Jurassic World, which for me was an all-out, action-packed cheesefest (in a good way), but a noticeable lack of Jeff Goldblum

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