WordPress appears to have fallen off its best horse

This unwanted conversion to the Block Editor is causing a ridiculous amount of chaos and frustration. I don’t know one person who is happy with this change. Why did anyone think this was a good idea? I guess the Powers That Be are more interested in page designers now than in writers. Here’s a good article.

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This weekend I came back home from a road trip in France, where I, at moments could have some very bad internet. That made it impossible to continue my urgent work to get my Google-Sites converted or those which could not convert to transfer them manually. So that is some big task waiting for me these days. But to my surprise not only Google pushes us to renewal or renovation. Also, WordPress pushes us something terrible down our throat.

Why do so many think they always have to renew something?
If they could make it better, no problem. But WordPress has chosen for one of the worst editor systems. I have several blogs made in different systems and until recently Word Press scored best on all matters. But now I have to rate it down (from a 9/10 down to a 3/10, and if I have more trials…

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