As QAnon swirls down the drain….

I see the posts from a former narc blogger still finding signs everywhere that QAnoners should keep “trusting the plan.”  Everything she writes is a ridiculous break from reality, but she continues to give pep talks and claim that Trump has never lied to them.  Not only was she raised by narcissists, but she appears to be an Evangelical, two things which probably made her susceptible.  She wrote the other day that everyone who doesn’t believe in QAnon will soon go through painful deprogramming where everything they believed is proven wrong, that she knows what that’s like because she deprogrammed…

Source: As QAnon swirls down the drain….

2 thoughts on “As QAnon swirls down the drain….

  1. Alas, conspiracy theories/ideologies are so very adept at explaining away or denying events that don’t fit their predictions. Almost any feat of mental gymnastics needed to avoid acute cognitive dissonance will be attempted. Since the basic structure of the Qanon universe, and much of the detail, is derived from previous conspiracy narratives (It really is quite a mash up.), it, like them, will stick around. Hopefully, many who have not gone completely down the Rabbit Hole will drift away from it.

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