How I decide what to post on my blogs.


Most of you probably know I have two blogs.  This is my primary one, and the first one I started.  It’s now a year and half old.    It’s been through a lot of changes.  It started as a blog for journaling my feelings after going No Contact with my NPD/ASPD ex, and although I still post a lot about  narcissism and narcissistic abuse, I’ve expanded the scope quite a bit to include my own disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Complex PTSD) as well as the issues of mental illness stigma and mental illness in general.   After mental illness I probably write the most about blogging.  But these days I post about pretty much  anything that interests me, and that includes reblogged posts of others.  On this blog, I post primarily about the following subjects, in roughly this order:

  • Narcissism and narcissistic abuse — both informative and experiential
  • Borderline Personality Disorder / complex PTSD — informative and experiential
  • Personality Disorders in general
  • Mental illness and mental health (including the Sunday guest posts)
  • Mental illness stigma
  • Blogging and writing
  • Inspiration/spirituality
  • Social and cultural issues
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Humor
  • Anecdotal essays and general musings
  • Book and movie reviews (related to narcissism and narcissistic abuse)
  • Everything else


My other blog, Down The Rabbit Hole, is now 7 months old.     The articles on LOH and DTRH overlap quite a bit, and I do a lot of double posting.   Down The Rabbit Hole has a much narrower focus (and a much smaller audience), and has now become primarily a blog to document and journal about my journey in therapy, which seems less appropriate on a blog with as wide a focus as LOH (even though I do cross-post to both blogs).

Unlike LOH, on which I generally add new content at least once a day if not more, I may only add new content to DTRH once a week or so, though lately it’s been more often than that.   While anyone is welcome to read its content (please follow if you want!), DTRH is more personal and I write it primarily for myself.     For that reason it’s written more like a journal or diary.  Some articles which are too personal or which I feel are too controversial for this blog get posted on DTRH instead.     Like LOH, DTRH has also shifted its focus since I started it, moving from my experience with various types of self-healing following some upsetting self-discoveries to actual psychodynamic therapy.

These are the topics DTRH posts about in roughly this order:

  • Experiential and personal essays about my therapy sessions
  • Articles about treatments and therapy techniques for Complex PTSD and Cluster B disorders, mainly BPD and NPD
  • Subjective observations and essays about BPD and other cluster B disorders
  • Mental illness stigma, especially BPD stigma
  • New research about BPD, NPD, and personality disorders in general
  • Mindfulness and inspiration
  • Poetry about the therapy experience/living with BPD







6 thoughts on “How I decide what to post on my blogs.

  1. I’m now following your other blog. I had just been reading your cross posts. I had no idea you were posting so much to the other one.
    I’ve been neglecting Mending Tiger, I think I’m going to revamp it completely at some point as I have an idea for it. But for now I’ve been posting (finally) regularly to Sleeping Tiger. I finally said, “F#%& it I’m not gonna be scared anymore.

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    • Oh, you should revamp it! Mending Tiger sounds like your version of Down the Rabbit Hole is for me. I started the separate blog initially because there were things I didn’t dare post on this blog, but lately I have more courage and am doing more double posting. I still want to keep it though, because occasionally I want to post something that does not belong on this blog. It also has a whole different mood and feel, I think, and is more appealing to a few people, who likes its more intimate feel.

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      • I will eventually (revamp). I’m still getting used to keeping up with one right now. lol.

        Another thing is the idea I have for MT is much different than what I originally started doing with it.

        I had been reading DTRH a lot when you first started it. I think I was following it on the blog I was writing at before. Now I’m following here too. 🙂

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  2. Great. Im kinda confused as to how-what to do with wordpress. And also afraid to put personal stuff out there too. But Im learning by seeing your stuff and now finding other bloggers too. Its cool!
    Thanks for sharing.

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