My first partner, Cyranny’s Cove!


I’m proud to announce that Lucky Otters Haven has its first partner!  And so soon!  Cyranny’s Cove is a blog written by a Danophile (a person who loves Denmark and anything Danish), but she also writes about many other things too.    She’s frequently very funny.  There are also gorgeous photographs on her blog, which you’ll appreciate, if you’re a photography lover, as I am.

Cyranny’s Cove is a breath of fresh air, and she’s also been a frequent “liker” and commenter on this blog.   So, please mosey on over to the “Cove” and see what she’s up to.  Welcome to the partnership, Cyranny!

From Cyranny’s About page:

It seems some people want to know more about me, so I made a list of relevent facts that will help you understand the author of all the shenanigans you are about to read. Special you, you’ll probably be disapointed, since you are already aware of most (if not all) of it, but I’ll try to surprise you another time, if you still like surprises that is…

  1. I LOVE Denmark. If you think you know someone who loves Denmark more than me, please let me know… I’d like to battle him/her in any kind of way (except physically… yeah, meh… I’m kind of a wuss)
  2. If you can’t stand the use of the word “dang”, you’re in the wrong place…. Get out! Dang you!!
  3. There will be some occasional French posts… French being my mother tongue. Feel free to skip… They don’t make more sense than the English ones, especially after going through Googgle Translate!
  4. Did I mention my interest in Denmark? No? I LOOOVE Denmark, if Denmark was a man, I’d marry him. But to my knowledge, it is not legal yet to marry a country. Not just yet…
  5. You might come across a certain man while making your way around… Wearing a black t-shirt and kaki pants, standing in a James Bond kind of “I’m-spying-on-you” circle thing. He might look as if he’s running towards you to give you a hug. Don’t worry, he’s not dangerous. He’s silly at times, sometimes hard to follow, but always welcome in my Cove. I just ask one thing, please don’t feed him!
  6. There are some tales about wild animals… Consider yourself warned.
  7. I am training to become a Valkyrie. So be nice in your comments, or don’t leave any… You wouldn’t want me to come and get your soul when my training’s over, would you?
  8. Denmark rules! (that’s it!)
  9. I don’t trust the Internets…. So since you found me here, you might want to consider not trusting everything you read!
  10. You need a Google browser open and ready to go if you want to experience my blog to the fullest… Yeah, I’m interactive like that! Sometimes, I go the easy way and give up a link, but most of the time, I don’t…  It’s called “Google with me!”

11 thoughts on “My first partner, Cyranny’s Cove!

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  2. excited to follow cyranny over here…..and to discover someone else that was dealing with a narcissistic mother! Wow, what are the chances? will quite happily follow both of you…”all of you?” around. and cyranny failed to mention that she also has a crazy stalker…ummmmm, follower! yea, follower! that mis-translates her french stuff! figures.

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  3. Hello,
    I am pretty new to this…but I would like to follow this Lucky Otters Club. Maybe there are things I can relate to. I hope to post some things about a trip to India I am soon taking. I will be there more for humanitarian reasons than anything else. I do hope it will go well and I will have something to share.

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