Guest Post: Recovering from NPD: My Journey to Self-Awareness

A very insightful and courageous post written by a woman who once identified only as a narcissistic abuse survivor with a case of “fleas” who later discovered she had NPD herself.  She started a blog and is working hard to change and find real happiness.

Down the Rabbit Hole

I’m proud to share this guest post with all of you, written by a woman, Yara Aiko, who not too long ago, identified herself only as a victim of narcissistic abuse, having been her mother’s scapegoat during childhood. I wrote a short post about her blog, Healing from NPD, the other day. Since narcissism is a spectrum disorder, she believes (as I do) that most cases of narcissistic “fleas” are actually cases of low-level narcissism.

Yara Aiko’s blog is different than the average narcissism blog. Not only because it addresses the problem of narcissism from the NPD’s perspective, but also because it’s actually written for ACONs (Adult Children of Narcissists) who believe they may have “fleas.” Both she and I have come to believe that many narcissistic abuse bloggers are themselves narcissists, based on the way they act and treat others. I have written about this issue in other posts…

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