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How to deal with haters and critics.

I want to reblog this excellent article about how to deal with haters and critics.  Every blogger has them, especially if they write anything besides recipes or decorating ideas (and those bloggers probably have haters too). I’m a people pleaser. … Continue reading

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Opinionated Man Update

I have no idea who is doing this to OM or why. It seems to me Jason is well liked by almost everyone and has helped so many bloggers when they’re just getting started. He makes them feel supported and … Continue reading

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Blogging bullies and silly fights.

Originally posted on galesmind:
Honestly I don’t get people that get hysterically riled by something someone writes. Two of my favorite blogs were attacked recently. Harsh Reality and Lucky Otter. Sure they may post blogs that are controversial. I have…

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So tired of always feeling on the defensive.

Sigh. Maybe I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started blogging publicly. Someone who used to be active here but disagreed with me about several points is calling me out on their blog again. This person is … Continue reading

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I am not the jackass whisperer.

I shouldn’t let one mean-spirited, sarcastic comment from a troll (even if there was a grain of truth on what they said) make me set a post to private. This person isn’t even a regular commenter here; they came out … Continue reading

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15 insane things I’ve been accused of.

I’m no longer too upset about the uprising against me and this blog by several ACON bloggers last week. In fact, now I’m finding some of their half baked accusations funny. Here are some of the more outrageous ones. I … Continue reading

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Haters gonna hate.

For the past few days I’ve allowed a group of online bullies to really get me down and even make me consider not blogging anymore (God forbid, that will NEVER happen!) I’m not willing to stop posting my unpopular opinions … Continue reading

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Worldly Annoyances: “Bloggers are Narcs”

Here’s a reposting of a short article from Worldly Annoyances–in this case, a defense of my intentions for blogging about narcissism, after I posted my article, “Replying to My Haters.” WA’s owner was angered by one one of my haters … Continue reading

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Blogging is not for pussies.

Don’t be a pussy.   Anyone who blogs about a sensitive topic, especially one that focuses on mental health issues (religion and politics would be up there too), is bound to run into haters and detractors at some point. If … Continue reading

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Replying to my haters.

Not everyone likes this blog. I have a few haters. The following are not really troll comments (which I delete immediately or don’t approve) but criticisms of me and this blog. (A few do come close though). It’s okay to … Continue reading

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