Worldly Annoyances: “Bloggers are Narcs”


Here’s a reposting of a short article from Worldly Annoyances–in this case, a defense of my intentions for blogging about narcissism, after I posted my article, “Replying to My Haters.” WA’s owner was angered by one one of my haters who told me to “get a real job.”

This was the comment I got that raised her ire:

All Bloggers are Narcissists. Heres some advise. Get a job or a real hobby and stop writing about things you don’t know jackshit about as if your shit doesn’t stink. Thank you.

“Bloggers are narcs.” Comments like that only serve to send up a green flag – a big one πŸ˜‰

Over at Lucky Otter’s blog, she just posted some comments from people who evidence harboring serious envy-issues. Lucky has a quality blog – uhm, it’s quite obvious, she puts alot of time and effort into it. And concerning the comment about getting a real job, the little donkey-wipe who excreted that one, obviously does not care to come to grips with the reality that some people are well-gifted to do both – hold down a job AND post articles (that people want to read). Perhaps, if Lucky’s detractors started / worked on their own blogs (instead of watching the boob-tube) they’d have a better attitude.

Yeah, i’m a bit cranked. Have heard similar sheite from people (in pre-internet days) who obviously can’t stand it when someone, of whom they look down on, actually is actively interested in things other than TV. It was covertly said to me that because i don’t possess a 300 iq, i’d no business reading books about our solar-system or what earth was like long ago.

Been no contact for two years. Need it take an iq of 85 to figure πŸ˜‰ But seriously, the negativity spouting from people like that, does untold damage to immortal souls, everywhere.

I appreciate this blogger’s defense of me and my motives for doing this, but honestly, I’m not really all that upset by comments like these anymore. Framed in a different way, they can be funny or even serve as fodder for new blog posts!

It’s good to remember that if your blog is growing and doing well, some people–your haters–are probably pathologically envious of you. They are probably narcissists projecting their own narcissism onto the bloggers who make them feel envious. They want to bring you down a notch or ten–and rub their hands together with glee when they see your confidence and drive crumble under their envy-fueled vitriol.
I apologize if that sounds narcissistic of me, but it also happens to be the truth. OM (Opinionated Man) has a ton of haters–people are jealous of the fact his blog has over 50K followers (and is still growing fast) and is one of the most successful personal blogs on the Internet.

The bigger this blog gets, the more haters I have. It’s something I’ve come to accept. It’s an occupational hazard (and yes, this is a job–my REAL job–even if I only make about $20 a month from running ads on this site–which is better than the $13 I made last month!)

Anyone ever notice how troll comments and hater comments almost always have terrible spelling and grammar? Basement dwellers getting their jollies from writing illiterate hate comments on blogs they probably can’t even read properly would benefit from going back to third grade. Then they’ll have enough writing skills to start their own blog about how narcissistic they think all bloggers are!
Failing that, maybe they should go outside for awhile and take in some sun for a change.

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  1. How do people make money off of the ads? Do people that visit your site have to click on them for you to earn income? Or do you just earn income because they are there? Always wondered how this works. I make no money blogging and I have no idea how people really do. I wish I did, I would probably write more often. πŸ˜‰

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    • You have to sign up for the WordAds program WordPress offers. You must have your own domain name– that means without the “” in the URL. I paid for my own domain name (I think it’s only $18 a year) because I decided I wanted to run ads and make some money from doing this. The ads don’t clutter up the site, thank God. I would hate that.

      Once you submit your application for WordAds, it has to be approved–which means you are required to have a certain amount of traiffic (I don’t know how they determine how much is enough “traffic”). Then if they approve you, you get an invitation by email and it gives you all the instructions for setting up WordAds on your site (no, you do not get to choose which ads are run). You also have to set up a Paypal account to collect your earnings.
      You also have to tell WordPress (via the dashboard) whether you want the ads visible to WP members who are signed into WP, or only to visitors who do not have a WordPress account. I opted for everyone to see them (you can make more that way).
      Yes, I think it goes by numbers of clicks, but I’m not sure if “clicks” means clicks on the ads or clicks on the site. I have no idea how they determine what you earn.

      So far my account has a whopping $46.85 in it, and I can’t cash it in until it reaches $100. I’m hoping down the line to make more, but of course rest assured my purpose for this blog is not to make money, but to help myself and others. And because I love to write. Any money earned is just an added bonus and worth the effort.
      Here is the link to get started:

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      • Thanks for the help. I was just looking into this and then read your response. Sounds like it could be more of an incentive to actually write more than I do already. I will have to think about doing this.

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        • It’s definitely part of the incentive πŸ˜‰
          I just looked at your site — you would need to get your own domain name (you have in the URL so it’s a WordPress domain) — the $18 a year i spent was worth it.

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          • I would also need a new theme I’m guessing. I guess first thing I need to do is decide if I want to become a serious blogger or not. I have only been on here since December and I have so much to learn. Thanks for all your help. At least now, I am not completely in the dark! πŸ™‚


            • You would definitely have to be serious about blogging even if it’s not your full time job (I do have to work full time so this I do at night), and having a theme helps, but isn’t always necessary if your blog is really great (OM’s doesn’t really have a theme)

              December…let’s see…you’re where I was at in January, which was my 4-month anniversary (I started this blog in September) …and that was the month I decided i wanted to run ads.
              Here’s the little post I wrote about that decision:

              Glad to be of help!

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            • I did it! Signed up for my own domain and also checked out WordAds. Here’s what I found about how you earn money.

              Q: Can I get more information to explain to my earnings?
              A: Generally, we are paid for impression, not by click. That means the more visits you get, and the more each visitor uses your site, the more you will earn.

              What you earn can vary greatly per blog, depending on the following factors:

              The amount of traffic.
              Where the majority of the traffic is coming from. (North American ad placements currently pay-out at a much greater level than international ads.)
              How many are using ad blockers.
              The actual ads that are displayed.

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            • Yay, congratulations! πŸ˜€

              That is really interesting information, Michelle. i don’t know if you saw it, but I actualy wrote a blog post tonight using this conversation because I think a lot of bloggers want to know more about this.
              i’m going to add this info to my blog post. Thank you and I hope you get approved! I think it only takes a couple of days.

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  2. It’s funny when haters say stuff about having too much time on one’s hands or not having a job, because it must take a great deal of time to troll the internet starting fights as well! πŸ˜‰

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