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My extremely unpopular opinion.

I expect to get trolled or unfollowed for this, but so be it. I have a very unpopular opinion.  Some may call it Marxist or un-American (but in my opinion, it’s no more un-American than what’s going on right now … Continue reading

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Being a ballsy blogger.

I’ve never been a risk taker. At all. But there’s one exception–blogging. I take a lot of risks when I write and often post things that are: 1. Extremely personal and potentially embarrassing 2. Controversial and potentially incendiary 3. Unpopular … Continue reading

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On being controversial.

I don’t write to people-please. I did enough people-pleasing as a scared, awkward child and a codependent wife to a sociopath. Those days, for me, are numbered. I blog to be honest about myself and the way I see the … Continue reading

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Haters gonna hate.

For the past few days I’ve allowed a group of online bullies to really get me down and even make me consider not blogging anymore (God forbid, that will NEVER happen!) I’m not willing to stop posting my unpopular opinions … Continue reading

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