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At what point do critical comments become bullying?

As a person with Avoidant Personality Disorder, I’m not the type to readily confront others on their bad behavior, but at this point, I’ve gotten so fed up with one commenter I no longer care if what I say makes … Continue reading

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A rare opportunity.

Life doesn’t present you with many opportunities to make amends to people in your distant past, but yesterday I had just such an opportunity. A woman I knew back in the 1970s when we were in 7th and 8th grades … Continue reading

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Trolls and lack of motivation.

I thought I had my lack of motivation all figured out, and thought I’d conquered it, but obviously I haven’t, since I’ve been posting a lot less than I used to and it hasn’t gotten any better. I can’t figure … Continue reading

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This Father Wrote His Bullied Daughter a Song to Let Her Know how Special She is

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Bullying is a huge problem in schools around the world, which leaves thousands of kids a year feeling insecure and abused. This foul treatment can cause both physical and emotional distress. The reality is that…

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WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY BE TRIGGERING. I spent the first 13 years of my life almost constantly crying. I was a perpetually squalling cranky baby, a screaming tantrum-throwing toddler, a tearful preschooler, and a school child prone to attacks of … Continue reading

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Anti-bullying public service ad in the sidebar.

This is now in the sidebar. This is a bully free blog. I allow dissenting opinions, of course, but trollish or abusive comments from bullies and trolls won’t be allowed (and have never been allowed). Every day I go through … Continue reading

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Blogging bullies and silly fights.

Originally posted on galesmind:
Honestly I don’t get people that get hysterically riled by something someone writes. Two of my favorite blogs were attacked recently. Harsh Reality and Lucky Otter. Sure they may post blogs that are controversial. I have…

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Snark is not funny.

Credit: The Urban Dictionary. Snark. It sounds nasty. It even has the word “narc” in it. Maybe the spelling should be changed to “snarc.” It also closely resembles the term “shark.” What do sharks do? They are predators out for … Continue reading

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Bullying, slander, plagiarism and lies.

I was going to let this matter drop, but here was my first Mother’s Day present when I woke up this morning. The following is so outrageous it deserves to be called out in a separate post. One of the … Continue reading

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I need to set the record straight, for all the good it’s going to do.

Several ACON bloggers over at Blogger are VERY upset with me right now. It all started with the article I posted last week about not bashing all narcissists. I won’t bother to link it here. Most of you who follow … Continue reading

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