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Lucky Otters Haven is 3 years old!

Hard to believe, but it is!   Last year, on its second anniversary, I wrote a big two-part post describing all the ways this blog has changed, and posted photos (taken from Wayback Machine) of its evolution.   I’ve changed … Continue reading

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I am no longer accepting emails.

I just had to change my contact information.  I am no longer able to accept emails because of the sheer number of them I receive and my inability to reply to them. I would love to be able to answer … Continue reading

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Newest Partner: The Purple Almond

So, I have my second Lucky Otters Haven partner:   The Purple Almond, a blog about healing illness through nutrition.    Purple Almond should interest anyone who’s interested in the different ways food can heal the body, and also just … Continue reading

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No guest post this week.

There will be no guest post this week because I don’t have one ready, but next week I’ll post a new one.

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I’m looking for guest bloggers! (Round Two)

My Sunday guest blogs have turned out to be a success! I want to take this opportunity to thank the writers and bloggers who were kind enough to share their personal stories and struggles with mental illness, mental illness stigma, … Continue reading

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Bloggers: share your stuff here!

Good morning, fellow bloggers! I’m taking a page out of Opinionated Man’s book of tricks and asking you to share your blog, favorite post, or most recent post here. I also feel like it’s time to pay it forward for … Continue reading

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So where’s Part 2 of “How did Narcissism Get so Popular”?

I didn’t forget about Part 2 of “How Did Narcissism Get So Popular?” I apologize for the delay for those of you looking forward to reading it. It will be posted no later than tomorrow night.

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I hate to do this, but…

I hate asking for help, but I really need it right now. My 14 year old car is in need of serious repairs (I have a major engine misfire involving several cylinders) and my housemate is moving out and I … Continue reading

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Too much email!

Up until now, I’ve tried to follow every blogger who’s following me, but I’m getting far too many email notifications, so I can’t do that anymore. If you are following this blog and don’t receive a follow back, please do … Continue reading

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I think I’m about to hear some very good news!

My daughter wants me to come over today because she and her boyfriend say they have some important news. They want her father (my ex) there too. They are obviously very much in love, going by their almost sickeningly adorable … Continue reading

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