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Post-Trump Trauma Support Group.

  I am going to post this on both my blogs. Troll-tweeting Trump is fun, but is no longer enough to relieve my stress (even though it’s still fun).   I know I’m not the only one deeply traumatized and triggered … Continue reading

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I’m still looking for partnership members!

A few weeks ago, I decided to offer other bloggers an opportunity to become partners with Lucky Otters Haven.  This would mean I’d help you promote your blog, share your posts on social media, reblog selected posts, and display your … Continue reading

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Would you like to become a Lucky Otter Partner?

I borrowed this idea from Danny at Dream Big (I don’t think he’d mind but I did just DM him to make sure).   I would like to help promote other blogs (the type of blog you have does not … Continue reading

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Bloggers: share your stuff here!

Good morning, fellow bloggers! I’m taking a page out of Opinionated Man’s book of tricks and asking you to share your blog, favorite post, or most recent post here. I also feel like it’s time to pay it forward for … Continue reading

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So where’s Part 2 of “How did Narcissism Get so Popular”?

I didn’t forget about Part 2 of “How Did Narcissism Get So Popular?” I apologize for the delay for those of you looking forward to reading it. It will be posted no later than tomorrow night.

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I hate to do this, but…

I hate asking for help, but I really need it right now. My 14 year old car is in need of serious repairs (I have a major engine misfire involving several cylinders) and my housemate is moving out and I … Continue reading

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Too much email!

Up until now, I’ve tried to follow every blogger who’s following me, but I’m getting far too many email notifications, so I can’t do that anymore. If you are following this blog and don’t receive a follow back, please do … Continue reading

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Anti-bullying public service ad in the sidebar.

This is now in the sidebar. This is a bully free blog. I allow dissenting opinions, of course, but trollish or abusive comments from bullies and trolls won’t be allowed (and have never been allowed). Every day I go through … Continue reading

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I’m doing the unthinkable.

I am taking tonight off. I have never taken a night off. I feel guilty about doing that. I’m afraid that, like a ex-smoker who smokes “just one cigarette” and thinks they can go back to being a non-smoker, that … Continue reading

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A HarsH Goodbye…

So Jason is leaving the blogosphere to hunt treasure. I’m grateful I started my blog when he was still here, because he was of such immense help to me getting started. A lot of people here will miss you, OM! … Continue reading

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