I’m doing the unthinkable.


I am taking tonight off. I have never taken a night off. I feel guilty about doing that. I’m afraid that, like a ex-smoker who smokes “just one cigarette” and thinks they can go back to being a non-smoker, that if I take even one day off from writing, that it might become a habit and I’ll get lazy about posting and go back to being a writer who doesn’t write. And that is something I cannot accept in myself.

But I have a few good reasons for not writing tonight.

1. I am exhausted. I need sleep.

2. I have a ton of emails to answer. I have been putting off answering them in favor of writing new blog posts. I’m probably the world’s worst email replyer. I don’t want people who email me to think I don’t care, because I do, so I need to reply to those emails tonight. I have a responsibility to the people who don’t feel comfortable voicing their concerns, stories of abuse, or questions in the comments section.

3. I really don’t have any good ideas tonight. If I suddenly think of something, I’ll be back to write it.

4. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. It embarrasses me how little I read anymore, now that I write all the time.

5. This probably qualifies as a post, so I really haven’t skipped a day.

See you tomorrow!