I’m still looking for partnership members!


A few weeks ago, I decided to offer other bloggers an opportunity to become partners with Lucky Otters Haven.  This would mean I’d help you promote your blog, share your posts on social media, reblog selected posts, and display your logo with a link to my blog in my sidebar.  So far Cyranny’s Cove is the only blogger who took me up on this opportunity.  So I’d like to extend the offer again.   You can read my original post (linked below) to find out more.  My email is under Contact Me if anyone is interested!   Or if you have Twitter, you can tweet me (my Twitter feed is in the sidebar).


Don’t miss this opportunity!

Thanks to Danny from Dream Big for inspiring me with this idea.

It helps me, it helps you, and it helps all bloggers! 

Would you like to become a Lucky Otter Partner?


I borrowed this idea from Danny at Dream Big (I don’t think he’d mind but I did just DM him to make sure).   I would like to help promote other blogs (the type of blog you have does not matter, unless its content is offensive).  I’m especially interested in recruiting bloggers who write about mental health but this isn’t a requirement.

I feel like I’m in a position now to help others get seen and help boost their Google rankings.

If you become a Lucky Otter Partner, I will display your logo in my sidebar (you can email it to me and I will resize it so it will fit) linking to your site, which will bring you more hits to your blog.   If you have no logo, no worries.  I can design one for you and of course, will make sure it’s acceptable to you before I post it.

As a partner, I will also promote your blog in various ways — sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and StumbleUpon, and reblogging selected articles of yours that I think would be appropriate for this blog.

I’ll also write an introductory “welcome” post about your blog when you become a partner.   I might even ask you to write a guest post (you are always welcome to say no).

I haven’t decided yet how many partners I can accommodate, but the slots would be limited.  So act now!

Send me an email (otterlover58@gmail.com) if you are interested in this opportunity to grow your blog and I will send you the details. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hope you decide take this opportunity to grow your blog and gain greater visibility!

If you’d like to help spread the word, please reblog this post or share it on your social media.  Thanks so much!