I’m still looking for partnership members!


A few weeks ago, I decided to offer other bloggers an opportunity to become partners with Lucky Otters Haven.  This would mean I’d help you promote your blog, share your posts on social media, reblog selected posts, and display your logo with a link to my blog in my sidebar.  So far Cyranny’s Cove is the only blogger who took me up on this opportunity.  So I’d like to extend the offer again.   You can read my original post (linked below) to find out more.  My email is under Contact Me if anyone is interested!   Or if you have Twitter, you can tweet me (my Twitter feed is in the sidebar).


Don’t miss this opportunity!

Thanks to Danny from Dream Big for inspiring me with this idea.

It helps me, it helps you, and it helps all bloggers! 

4 thoughts on “I’m still looking for partnership members!

  1. I warmly recommend joining the Lucky Otters Haven’s Club!! I am so glad I jumped on the opportunity 🙂 Why not give it a try? It can only give a boost to your own blog 🙂

    A happy partner 😉


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