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The real reason highly sensitive people get bullied.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I had an “Aha” moment today. The reason highly sensitive people get bullied so often isn’t because of our sensitivity. It’s because of the dismally low self esteem that tends to go along with…

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Rethinking political correctness.

Political correctness can definitely be taken to ridiculous extremes, as these cartoons show.  In previous posts, I’ve sometimes criticized political correctness.  It’s true that in recent years, political correctness (PC-ness) has gone too far, and people are afraid to say … Continue reading

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‘Snowflake’ is a term used to gaslight those who dare speak out against the new authoritarianism.

‘Snowflake’ (sometimes ‘special snowflake’) is a slang term used in recent years, usually directed against “entitled” Millennials who complain about the America they inherited — one full of debt, minimum wage jobs,  exhorbitant student loans they can never hope to … Continue reading

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Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?

I’ve been seeing a lot lately about a phenomenon called gang-stalking (sometimes referred to as “community terrorism”).   Gang-stalking means one person is targeted by Dark Triad people (psychopaths, sociopaths and malignant narcissists and their flying monkeys, most who don’t … Continue reading

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Beware who you befriend on the Internet.

Not all ACON blogs or bloggers are “safe.” On another blog, which I will not name, my character is being ripped apart and an article I posted which was one of my most honest and vulnerable ones is being used … Continue reading

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Are HSPs really targets for bullies?

(Edited from the original 3/25/15 post) People who are highly sensitive are often targets for bullies, but it’s not high sensitivity itself that leads to the bullying. It’s because of the dismally low self esteem that tends to go along … Continue reading

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A rare opportunity.

Life doesn’t present you with many opportunities to make amends to people in your distant past, but yesterday I had just such an opportunity. A woman I knew back in the 1970s when we were in 7th and 8th grades … Continue reading

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Trolls and lack of motivation.

I thought I had my lack of motivation all figured out, and thought I’d conquered it, but obviously I haven’t, since I’ve been posting a lot less than I used to and it hasn’t gotten any better. I can’t figure … Continue reading

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This Father Wrote His Bullied Daughter a Song to Let Her Know how Special She is

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Bullying is a huge problem in schools around the world, which leaves thousands of kids a year feeling insecure and abused. This foul treatment can cause both physical and emotional distress. The reality is that…

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How I became a Cluster B basketcase.

I had some new insights today on the genesis of my disorders. Not actual new memories, but insights on memories I already had that I know now led to my covert narcissism and BPD. I can pinpoint the exact events … Continue reading

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