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Why doesn’t Trump ever talk about his mother?

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump This is a very interesting article from Politico about Donald Trump’s relationship with his mother and what role she might have played in his personality development.   It’s interesting that he always praises his father but almost … Continue reading

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Book review: “A Higher Loyalty” by James Comey

The “handshake” shown here is described in the book. I received my copy of the bestselling memoir A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership by former FBI director James Comey on Thursday and  finished it this morning.   It’s a fast … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Originally posted on CLUSTER B:
I have talked about this before, perhaps too many times. But we Cluster Bees are still being demonized so here I go again as well. My good friend, Lucky Otter just published a new blog…

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My conundrum.

I can’t take this anymore.  I’ve had about enough of the crapfest coming from the Trump White House, and the firing of H. R. McMaster, one of the only sane people left in his administration — only to be replaced … Continue reading

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Trump’s Neanderthal toolbox.

Artwork by Roman Genn This is a brilliant Twitter thread by @HoarseWisperer, who often posts threads about Trump’s probable NPD/sociopathy.   In fact, I think this short write up about Trump’s narcissism is the most spot on description I have ever … Continue reading

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Projection and Trump’s snake story.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. — Maya Angelou   Several times at his rallies, Donald Trump has done something out of character — he has delved into literature to make a point, specifically poetry.  Ironically, the … Continue reading

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We need a lot more awareness about narcissism and psychopathy.

Elizabeth Mika is one of the 27 mental health professionals who contributed to the  bestselling book,  The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.   She is a psychologist who writes about narcissism, psychopathy and authoritarianism (specifically Donald Trump’s authoritarianism) on her Medium … Continue reading

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Narcissism, politicians, and Trump.

Most successful politicians are narcissists, or at least have more than average narcissistic traits.    Narcissism is almost a requirement to be a successful politician, since it takes a high level of self confidence and an affinity for self-promotion.   One … Continue reading

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I’m not letting Trump ruin my, er, Christmas.

Just like he did with the NFL by making it all about politics (you’re a traitor and a “very bad person” if you “take a knee” instead  of standing for the anthem), Trump has made Christmas a political issue.  Football … Continue reading

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“Now More Than Ever:” On Straitjacketing Trump

Originally posted on good marriage central*:
The phrase Now more than ever has been used liberally in our media since November last year, more often than not to sell something. The New York Times uses it to push subscriptions, for…

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