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Donald Trump & Ayn Rand

Originally posted on CLUSTER B:
—Psychopaths or Narcissists? On November 8th of this year, the “unthinkable” happened. Donald Trump was elected president. Although his campaign sounded more populist that free-market fundamentalist, his choices for cabinet tell a different story. Liberals…

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Subtypes of ASPD.

I never knew that Antisocial Personality Disorder had different subtypes, but it does make sense that it would.     These are Millon’s ten subtypes of ASPD (antisocial personality disorder).   Theodore Millon was a psychologist who specialized in personality … Continue reading

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Reparenting a Psychopath: is it possible?

Originally posted on Down the Rabbit Hole:
David Bernstein thinks it is.  Here he talks about using schema therapy/reparenting techniques to tap into a psychopath’s vulnerable/childlike side. He has worked with forensic patients with psychopathy and ASPD for many years…

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How does malignant narcissism differ from NPD?

There’s a lot of talk about the narcissistic spectrum — the idea that narcissism runs on a spectrum from “normal” narcissism (healthy self esteem) all the way through malignant narcissism at the top. Somewhere in the middle, “normal” or “healthy” … Continue reading

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Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?

I’ve been seeing a lot lately about a phenomenon called gang-stalking (sometimes referred to as “community terrorism”).   Gang-stalking means one person is targeted by Dark Triad people (psychopaths, sociopaths and malignant narcissists and their flying monkeys, most who don’t … Continue reading

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Lightning Rod

Originally posted on CLUSTER B:
Taylor Swift everyone’s favorite fantasy… When I was a teen, I made some gay friends. We would watch TV together and this one was gay and that one was gay. Celebrities are almost always a…

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One way to peg a narcissist you probably never heard of.

It may sound ridiculous but I think this is a good way to judge a person’s character without their suspecting anything. Chatter about movies, books, and other forms of entertainment is a standard ice breaker (and is part of the … Continue reading

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Child roles in dysfunctional families.

Credit: Artist unknown.   Wikipedia has an excellent, detailed article about dysfunctional family dynamics. Here I am just going to talk about the roles various family members play, and the kinds of families that become dysfunctional. If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Where does this silly idea that covert narcissism is the most malignant come from?

I used to believe malignant narcissism was at the top of the narcissistic spectrum, but after learning and reading more,  I’ve changed my opinion somewhat.  I think malignant narcissism is actually a hybrid of NPD + ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) … Continue reading

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Why narcissists are more hated than psychopaths.

All four Cluster B disorders are vilified, especially on the Internet, but for a long time I wondered why NPD seemed to be even more demonized than ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) and psychopathy and seemed to be regarded as the … Continue reading

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