Why narcissists are more hated than psychopaths.

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All four Cluster B disorders are vilified, especially on the Internet, but for a long time I wondered why NPD seemed to be even more demonized than ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) and psychopathy and seemed to be regarded as the most “evil” disorder to have.   After all, most narcissists are not going around breaking the law, murdering people (not physically, anyway), and most at least pretend to be nice to you, at least if your relationship is only casual.  They make a good impression and most have families and respectable jobs.  They go to church, teach second grade, and volunteer at the food pantry. If you’re just acquaintances or casual friends with a narcissist, they can even be a lot of fun.    They also provide a lot of our entertainment, as narcissism (including NPD) is over-represented  among celebrities, and what would we do without our movie, sports, and pop…

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15 thoughts on “Why narcissists are more hated than psychopaths.

  1. All that seems quite accurate. Most people have far more direct experience with narcissism (including with people who fall short of qualifying for formal diagnosis) than with psychopathy.

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  2. They’re all abusers. These distinctions are nice but they’re like putting lipstick on a pig. Call these jerks what they are: ABUSERS. Not some psychological concept that turns them into a problem to be solved. You do know that narcissists, especially, love it when you call them that. Call them what they are: ABUSIVE. ABUSERS.

    & it’s always personal. Business is personal. Don’t think it isn’t. You get hired to do a job, it’s money in your pocket, that’s personal. Your allegiance to your boss is personal, even if you care nothing for the person you’re whacking.

    Narcissists or psychopaths, who the hell cares? Fancy words for ordinary ABUSERS.

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  3. My friend’s elder brother and elder brother’s wife both are Psychopaths.They have no emotions.Even if someone badmouths them they feel nothing.His brother used to show frustration on his wife.But otherwise he is fine with her.

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      • So True! And these psychopaths don’t need narcissistic supply too.

        A psychopath can have cognitive goodness.They can help others even without feeling anything towards them.Such Psychopaths are fit to serve in Army.

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        • I have heard some psychopaths make great surgeons. Of course if one was going to be doing surgery on me, I wouldn’t want to KNOW they were a psychopath! But their ability to focus and stay unemotional during a procedure that might unsettle normal people makes them good at that sort of precise work. Because they don’t need narc supply, they can “choose” to do good. They are really like human robots or androids.

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          • You are so right.Some psychopaths are like robots who are designed to be good.Such psychopaths can’t feel revenge too if someone harmed them as revenge needs pain and these psychopaths feel no pain.I read somewhere that for doing evil things also one needs empathy.It makes sense-If a person is feeling sadistic pleasure he must know how the pain feels.

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            • Cognitive empathy is the kind of empathy needed to do evil. Malignant narcissists and many psychopaths have cognitive empathy (they KNOW how you feel, but don’t feel your pain or other emotion), but they lack emotional empathy (the kind of empathy required to care about others and not do them harm)

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  4. My friend’s elder brother is a good psychopath but if he loses his temper then he shouts a lot but otherwise he talks politely,respects people and he is good towards animals too.He is not really a sadist unless he got a problem due to something.

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  5. My child’s Mother is a narcissist (deeper term: Psychopath) she is a nightmare. Protecting my daughter from the hidden abuse is a daily battle. http://Www.batteredmen.ca I provide support and services for anybody dealing with this unfortunate mental disorder. Keep raising awareness please and follow me as I raise noise for it to be heard and end the damage and violence it causes in families

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