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PTSD & the Blindness of the Just Man

Originally posted on Unraveled and the Birth of Joy:
Love will find a way where wolves fear to thread. – Lord Byron ? Recently I took part in a research study regarding OIF and OEF veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder,…

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Guest Post: Descartes and the Killer Bees (by Anna Girolami)

A reader named Anna Girolami (she has a blog called Good Red Herring) emailed me wondering if she could write a guest post for this blog.    I felt honored that she wanted to do this!  The post she wrote … Continue reading

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Guest post: 7 Red Flags of a Nasty Narcissistic Personality (By Richard Grannon aka SpartanLifeCoach)

I’m honored to feature an original post by SpartanLifeCoach, Richard Grannon.  His website can be found here. 7 RED FLAGS OF A NASTY NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY By Richard Grannon Here are tips for the modern human seeking to avoid becoming entangled in personality … Continue reading

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Why narcissists are more hated than psychopaths.

All four Cluster B disorders are vilified, especially on the Internet, but for a long time I wondered why NPD seemed to be even more demonized than ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) and psychopathy and seemed to be regarded as the … Continue reading

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Borderlines: incurable demons or trauma victims?

The symptoms of Complex PTSD are almost identical to those of BPD. Something has come to my attention during the time I’ve been blogging, which I think is important enough to merit another post about it. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD, … Continue reading

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The Male Borderline Waif

Originally posted on Out of the Mire:
I’ve written a lot on borderline personality disorder (BPD) on this blog largely because my mother has the disorder.  It is not something I wish to vilify, and I don’t want to verbally…

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BPD Awareness: end the stigma

Borderline Personality Disorder is a serious mental disorder with its roots in childhood abuse (usually narcissistic or sexual abuse) and as you can see in one of the memes below, it shares much in common with Complex PTSD and may … Continue reading

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Cluster B disorders are not cool.

Although Cluster B disorders (the dramatic, emotional, erratic group of personality disorders), are largely demonized on the Internet by narcissistic abuse survivors, there’s another growing attitude online that’s pretty much the opposite–that having a Cluster B disorder somehow makes you … Continue reading

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Forever alone, revisited.

This is going to be another “running naked” post. I have mixed feelings about being in a relationship. On the one hand, I long for it because I can’t deny that my inability to connect with anyone on a deep … Continue reading

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The Cluster B stigma and the nature of evil.

I don’t care if what I’m about to say is controversial or unpopular. There are some folks in the ACON community who think ALL narcissists are evil, and some think all BPDs are evil too. (In fact there are some … Continue reading

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