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Kneeling down…

Originally posted on Cyranny's cove:
Today was not a good day. It happens. It is just life… We all have bad days, right? Right. Only, depression leftovers make my bad days B.A.D. It often doesn’t really show. I just…

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Being Lazy…

Originally posted on Cyranny's cove:
? Mouahahahahaha…  What an image! I have a lot of things to do. Some cleaning around the appartment, snow shoveling of the back balcony and stairs. I have some shopping to do, and I…

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Donald Trump, narcissism and diagnosis as political sport.

There have been many articles written about Donald Trump’s alleged NPD, some written by bona fide mental health professionals, others by armchair wannabe psychologists–but this is the first one I’ve read that actually talks about Trump’s strange and painful childhood … Continue reading

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Social Narcissism: Safe Spaces, Collectivity, and Moral Obligation

Originally posted on Living By The Moonlight:
“We all have a moral obligation to leave this world a better place than the world that we’ve found.” Tim McIlrath The essence of society is interconnectivity. As progressive, mature, healthy adults, we…

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Long-lost friend.

I’m honored to be a guest blogger on HarsH ReaLiTy! This is my first guest post. Thanks to Opinionated Man for this honor. Be sure to follow his blog too! Leave comments on the original post. (Comments here are disabled).

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The wrong kind of transference.

Last Monday, when I saw my therapist, he told me he had a cold.  It seemed pretty bad too, because he kept coughing and sneezing and blowing his nose.    I didn’t think too much of this, and since I … Continue reading

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I hate to shop.

Women are always stereotyped as shopaholics, and in fact it’s true.   Most other women I know would love nothing more than to spend an entire day shopping.   Not me, though.  I’d rather be broken down on the road waiting … Continue reading

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Question #52: What if ancient Rome never fell?

Ancient Romans had impressive technologies that got “lost” during the Dark Ages.While advances continued to be made, especially in architecture, during the Middle Ages, technologies that the Romans began to develop became dormant. Some of these were hydraulic power, the … Continue reading

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I’m a procrastinator.  I even procrastinate about things I WANT to do.   Like right now, I have several over-a-week-old emails from readers I have yet to reply to, a good Facebook friend inbox’d me several days ago and I … Continue reading

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Stories from the broom closet #2

I didn’t think I’d post more of these so soon, but my last article Adventures in Housekeeping: Stories from the Broom Closet, which included five anecdotes from my day job, was both popular with my readers and fun for me … Continue reading

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