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Getting away is good for my soul.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather since I’ve been here in Florida.    Everything about this trip has been perfect.  I have so many pictures, but I won’t upload them all here right now because it takes so long. … Continue reading

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Pictures: 4/8/17

Seagulls all facing the sunset.  You should have heard the din they made!   I haven’t had time to write much, so I’ll just share the photos I took yesterday and caption them.   We had a wonderful day.  It … Continue reading

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Credit: unknown. Today I did nothing at all, and I didn’t even feel guilty about it. I slept on and off all day, drifting in and out of dreams. Even awake I felt pleasantly sleepy,  almost as if drugged, floating … Continue reading

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Dream tsunami.

I just woke from an interesting dream.   I’m going back to sleep after I write this (I had to take a “mental health” day today), but I don’t want to forget it so I’m writing this now. I’ve often … Continue reading

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Going with the flow.

I wanted to get up early and walk on the beach at sunrise, but I guess I was so exhausted from my long drive yesterday and busy evening (also stayed up late blogging about it and chatting with my son) … Continue reading

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Hot, tired, and in need of a good “beach” read.

It’s hot and humid, and I’m both physically tired and emotionally exhausted from everything that’s happened these past couple of weeks.   I’ll put up a post soon about my therapy session tonight (it might be on my other blog … Continue reading

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Hot chocolate, a book and a nap.

I got home early from work, it’s bitterly cold (though sunny) and I’m tired. I don’t care that it’s only 3 PM, I’m about to drink the delicious hot chocolate you see pictured above, crawl under my blankets, read for … Continue reading

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Foot soak.

I worked a long, grueling day today and am sore all over, especially my feet. Right now I’m sitting with my feet submerged in a big pot of hot water with lavender scented Epsom salt. They’re starting to feel tingly … Continue reading

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A happy ending to my DMV ordeal.

I need an antidote for last night’s list 23 Things I Hate About My Life, so I think this might do the job. Today was a good day. The first thing that happened was I didn’t have to walk the … Continue reading

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My Christmas present to myself

As ACONS or victims of narcissistic abuse at the hands of others, we can be nervous, hypervigilant, and constantly feel stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s so hard for us to relax and just feel happy and in the moment. Sometimes … Continue reading

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