Quarantine drive.

It’s easy to get bored during quarantine.  One thing that doesn’t put myself or anyone else at risk of becoming ill, but gets me out of the house is driving.  As long as I don’t get out of the car, and make the drive the destination in itself, all is good.

Driving along I-26 eastbound into upstate South Carolina during lockdown was strange to say the least.   Neon signs overhead nagging me to “STAY HOME” and hardly any cars out on the road, in spite of the glorious spring weather.   I rolled down my windows, took a deep breath, and let the wind whip my hair around.  I turned the hard rock station all the way up, and just coasted along the highway, taking in the view.  I had to be careful not to speed, something I tend to do whenever I listen to music while I’m driving, especially when there’s practically no one else on the road.

Since the purpose of the drive was relaxation (and boredom relief),  I only took these two pictures.  I liked the juxtaposition of the nearly flat savannaesque terrain near Campobello, South Carolina looking northwest toward the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, only about five miles away.   Things were a lot greener and hotter in South Carolina than they are up in the mountains, that’s for sure.   One hour away from my house, and it feels like summer.




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  1. I live in an assisted living place and we are not allowed to go out right now during the “crisis.” I don’t have a car anyway. Driving sounds like a great solution to the isolation problem though. But my partner and I share a space and that helps a lot. Also, our meals and cleaning is provided. AND we have our computers. And TV, of course. Comcast is showing a lot of Law & Order: SVU marathons. Vicki’s kids help with supplies.

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  2. I would give anything to be able to go for a drive right now. Here in South Africa, our lockdown rules ban us from driving further than our closest grocery store for supplies. This is something I just don’t understand. Like you said, it’s perfectly safe to be in your own car.

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    • Technically, we too are really only supposed to be out to go to the store, work (if you have a job to go to) or help a family member. But who’s going to know? And I agree with you, if you stay in your own car, how is that putting anyone in danger?


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