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Getting away is good for my soul.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather since I’ve been here in Florida.    Everything about this trip has been perfect.  I have so many pictures, but I won’t upload them all here right now because it takes so long. … Continue reading

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Eye-popping sunrise.

When I woke up this morning and looked out my window, this is what I saw.  

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Flowering trees.

We had a cold snap here over the weekend (and a little snow too) and I was afraid it would kill the blooms on the trees, but I guess it wasn’t cold enough because they still look great.   Here’s … Continue reading

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Daughter’s weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN (photo)

I died when I saw this photo they had taken today.

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My cats stole my bed!

Here are my two cats, the half-Maine Coon, BabyCat (actually my daughter’s cat), and in the bottom photo is Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.   (The lumpy part you see in the second photo is actually me!)   Bed thiefs!  

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Part Two: My HeartSync experience, including The Dream.

Watching the sunrise off the back porch of the main building. Part One described how HeartSync works and the theories behind it, so I won’t get into that much in this post, which is more about my personal experience. This … Continue reading

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Kitty wants in.

Sheldon’s all dressed up and has no where to go. Here he is trying to climb through a closed window.    

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What gives, Ms. Spidey?

She’s waiting! The weather here is still pretty warm, and to my dismay, about a week ago I noticed yet another wasps’ nest being constructed in a corner of the porch roof, against the house, and not far away from … Continue reading

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From the top of Clingman’s Dome, NC

My daughter and her boyfriend drove to the top of Clingman’s Dome (6,644 feet) last night and took this photo of the sunset.  At the time this was taken, it was already dark at lower elevations.  They were so high … Continue reading

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A spider’s dinner.

I saw this scene in a customer’s window today.  Click on to see it even more close up!

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