Spooky trees.



This was taken looking up at a wooded area that had been partially clearcut to make room for an apartment complex (I took the picture from the parking lot, looking up a steep hill toward the forest).   New plants and shrubs hadn’t had a chance to take root in front of the trees, so you found yourself looking deep into the forest.  Behind the pale trunks the dark green depths appeared almost black.  Adding to the creepiness was the fact a thunderstorm was about to start.

ETA:  I iked this enough I decided to make it the new blog cover photo.   It was time for a change.

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  1. Very creepy. Cool picture. You have a good eye for pictures.

    By the way, I sent a reply to your last email many days ago, explaining what I was planning to do about a follow-up to my post that you had commented on. However, I never got any further than that, because of a sudden and intense drama that happened with one of my adult kids. Sadly, I know you know what that’s like. I’m getting through it by practicing my “gray rock” skills. Those skills will come in handy for my granddaughter’s wedding next month.

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      • Thanks. When you see traits from your narcissistic parent in your adult child, it’s hard to be very hopeful. But I am not giving up on prayer.

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          • Hi Lauren,
            I hope your situation with your daughter is fine I saw her photos on your posts long back,she Looks so Divine.Due to the effect of drugs she is facing dissociation that’s why she is unable to know her behaviour.

            On the other hand,My Golden Child elder sister is a full blown Malignant Narcissist.We had a fight and she tried to kill me with a plastic and steel broomstick,My narc mom stopped her and later my sister threw a footwear at me.It’s so ironic as My narc mom triangulated between me and my sister and now she herself stopped my sister from killing me.I went to the police they found it funny.The Police Officer said in this universe you cannot be safe anywhere other than with your parents.So much for being safe with my own family.

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            • I’m sorry about your sister. The police are so out of touch with reality and seem to think your family is always the safest place to be. Not so! Many police officers are on the narcissism or sociopathy spectrum themselves. Or they’re just ignorant.

              Thank you for your comments about my daughter. She is struggling with addiction. It’s no joke. If you pray, keep her in your prayers. If not, then send positive thoughts.

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            • Obviously drug addiction is no joke! I wholeheartedly wish that your Daughter should have the will to stop taking drugs and I even wish her husband should support her and encourage her more in this struggle.

              Thanks for empathizing.The Police Officer was ignorant in my case.I wonder how Policemen think that parents love their children when they themselves are narcs.Being narcs themselves they should know better.I feel that they deliberately want victims to suffer,it gives them sense of power.

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