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What is crown shyness?

“Crown shyness” is a real term that means the pattern a canopy of trees make against the sky.   They seem to avoid touching, which is responsible for the pattern. One theory is this is due to branches rubbing against … Continue reading

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The extraordinary in the ordinary.

Some things we think of as ugly or ordinary can be beautiful and extraordinary when we see them through the eyes of a photographer, a naturalist, or a scientist. I’m not a scientist, just an amateur photographer, but I deeply … Continue reading

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3 videos to end the seasonal doldrums.

These are amazing videos showing different interpretations of all four seasons.  Even if you hate winter, these make you appreciate how all the seasons have their own beauty and work together for the good of the planet. The second video … Continue reading

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Surrounded by beauty.

I went back to the beach this morning (I finally got up early), and the tide was the lowest I’ve seen it, and it was still going out. Sandbars stretched pretty far into what was covered over by water the … Continue reading

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Going with the flow.

I wanted to get up early and walk on the beach at sunrise, but I guess I was so exhausted from my long drive yesterday and busy evening (also stayed up late blogging about it and chatting with my son) … Continue reading

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Paper wasps make rainbow nests!

Did you know if you give paper wasps multicolored construction paper, they will make rainbow-colored nests instead of the usual gray?   A biology student did just this, and the results are colorful! Almost makes me want wasps around so … Continue reading

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Meaning in things we take for granted.

Today’s the fourth day I’ve been snowbound, after the big winter storm that hit the East coast on Friday. I had to get to the store, and still can’t drive anywhere, so I walked the mile to the gas station. … Continue reading

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Little gifts on a crappy day.

Latest additions to my rock and geode collection. Life can be surprising. On the whole, today has been a crappy day, but there’s always something to make a bad day more tolerable, if you just pay attention. God doesn’t forget … Continue reading

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The progression of spring: April 12th

I went a little crazy with my camera today. Flowers galore and so much color everywhere! The dogwoods are blooming, and most trees are becoming green now. A few trees are showing autumn colors before their chlorophyll kicks in. It’s … Continue reading

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The progression of Spring: March 22

Last Sunday I decided to make this a weekly series until it looks like summer again. This is the third post in this series, and this is the week that all of nature seems to be going crazy! There are … Continue reading

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