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Learning to become the mother I wish I’d had

Amazing and insightful post written by a diagnosed NPD (non-malignant) who has been working hard to stop the generational transfer of NPD and raise an emotionally healthy and empathic son, while she works on herself. They are learning together, and … Continue reading

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Daily Inspiration: The Lunch Debt

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Originally posted on The Purple Almond:
When 8 year old Cayden Taipalus saw that a fellow student couldn’t pay for school lunch, he took matters into his own hands. With the help of his Mom, Cayden began to return bottles…

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The subway musician.

The following story intrigued me and I think there’s a lesson here about appreciation that gets lost as we grow older. Small children are fascinated by everything, but that fascination soon becomes indifference or even boredom as the cares of … Continue reading

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Is it okay to say no?

I have a dilemma. I am still living with my annoying narcissistic roommate. Actually, over time I came to the conclusion she is really just annoying, not all that narcissistic. Things have improved. She has gotten much better at respecting … Continue reading

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Adventures of S.K. “The Loser”: cartoon diary of myself at age 22 (two of two)

My expression here definitely reflected my attitude at the time about dating. This second cartoon story (also drawn in 1981) describes the way I longed for a fulfilling romantic relationship, but at the same time was quite ambivalent about the … Continue reading

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Hopefully this clears up some misunderstandings about furries.

A furry (“Spazz Fox”) dressed in his fursuit for his three year old son for the first time. The boy’s reaction is priceless. Making people happy is what fursuiting is really all about.

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Click on photo to enlarge. I love candid photos. Here’s one of my very favorites of my children taken in April of 2001. Molly had just turned 8, and Ethan was 9 going on 10. Their expressions here are priceless. … Continue reading

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