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A question that probably has no answer.

Beast transforming; Belle watches in astonishment/credit Disney Pictures 1991 I’m following a blog where the writer, who is a diagnosed NPD in therapy (I am not going to link the blog here), has been showing signs recently of his hard … Continue reading

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50 things to ponder.

I think about these things all the time. Some of them drive me crazy! Warning: some of these things have moral or religious implications. 1. Will we ever discover another habitable, earthlike planet? If one exists, will we build colonies … Continue reading

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Free associating about narcissism.

In reading and writing so much about narcissism, sometimes it seems like more questions are raised than are answered. Here are some of the random questions and thoughts I’ve had that I can’t really explain. Some of these random thoughts … Continue reading

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X-rated spam?

Is it just me, or are other bloggers getting more profane spam than usual containing explicitly sexual messages? It’s not really a problem, since I can just delete them, but I haven’t seen this sort of spam until the past … Continue reading

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Is it okay to say no?

I have a dilemma. I am still living with my annoying narcissistic roommate. Actually, over time I came to the conclusion she is really just annoying, not all that narcissistic. Things have improved. She has gotten much better at respecting … Continue reading

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I want to reduce the hours I spend at my job.

In order to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head, I currently work for a housecleaning company. I actually don’t mind the work but the job can be VERY physically stressful (though it does keep me in … Continue reading

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Question about DSM billing codes

I know these codes are only used for billing purposes, but I always wondered why they are numbered/ordered the way they are. Can anyone shed some light on why the decimal digits skip so many places and why the PD’s … Continue reading

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Can a psychopath be “good”?

I know, it’s a weird question and probably some of you are thinking I’ve really lost my mind this time. But think about it. Psychopaths don’t have a conscience or empathy. Unlike malignant narcissists, they are not trying to get … Continue reading

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Why all the obsessing over bacon?

I’ve noticed bacon has suddenly become very trendy. It’s like the new cupcake. Bacon bits, bacon and eggs, bacon ice cream, bacon scented candles, and now this: bacon hot chocolate? Someone gave this to me today. Seriously, who would drink … Continue reading

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Would a narcissist who lost their memory “forget” how to be a narc?

I saw this posted on Psychforums in the NPD forum: I’ve long thought what might happen if an N suffered complete lose of memory. Would he remember he was narcissistic? There is a novel in which this happened. Ursula Brangwen … Continue reading

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