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Why do so many narcissistic abuse survivors support Donald Trump?

I read a post on a narcissistic abuse blog last night in which the blogger expressed concern and confusion over Ollie Matthew’s support of Donald Trump.   For anyone who doesn’t know who Ollie Matthews is, he has a popular … Continue reading

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50 things to ponder.

I think about these things all the time. Some of them drive me crazy! Warning: some of these things have moral or religious implications. 1. Will we ever discover another habitable, earthlike planet? If one exists, will we build colonies … Continue reading

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Is the Illuminati really running everything?

Madonna wearing the “Eye of Horus,” a commonly seen Illuminati symbol. For awhile, there’s been a growing Internet meme that states that the Illuminati (a secret fraternal organization started in Bavaria in the late 1800s and closely affiliated with the … Continue reading

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Would a narcissist who lost their memory “forget” how to be a narc?

I saw this posted on Psychforums in the NPD forum: I’ve long thought what might happen if an N suffered complete lose of memory. Would he remember he was narcissistic? There is a novel in which this happened. Ursula Brangwen … Continue reading

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