Is the Illuminati really running everything?

Madonna wearing the “Eye of Horus,” a commonly seen Illuminati symbol.

For awhile, there’s been a growing Internet meme that states that the Illuminati (a secret fraternal organization started in Bavaria in the late 1800s and closely affiliated with the Masons) is pulling the strings behind everything from politics to the economy to the entertainment industry, and the people we see on our TVs and the media are nothing more than puppets attempting to indoctrinate the rest of us. It’s been purported that 9/11 was an “inside job”, the 2008 financial collapse was planned in order to benefit the richest 1%, and most or even all successful recording artists, actors and other entertainers are secret members of the Illuminati and undergo behind-closed-doors initiations that involve brainwashing,  devil worship and depraved acts such as bestiality and human sacrifice. They believe Illuminati’s sole purpose is to establish a New World Order that rejects God and makes Satan its master. Fundamentalist millenarian Christians swallow this idea hook, line and sinker because it’s in keeping with Biblical prophecy and to them, is proof we are seeing the last of the Last Days, when humanity becomes increasingly debauched, soulless, and turns away from the God of the Bible toward the Self as God (which they purport the New Age teaches).

Being a person who values reason over hysteria, I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to such conspiracy theories, but lately I’m beginning to wonder. I’ve always believed 9/11 was (at least in part) an inside job and I wouldn’t doubt the financial collapse being one also. I’ve never trusted the government or politicians (OR the powerful corporations and the people who run them) and I strongly believe our society serves and rewards the wealthiest 1%, not the masses. It’s gotten a whole lot worse in recent years too, and psychopathy and blatant narcissism seems to be in excess these days and is treated as almost a virtue and a means to get ahead. But even so, I was still a skeptic about the Illuminati and always laughed when I’d hear the “crazy” conspiracy theories. “Oh, the Illuminati again LOL!” was my attitude whenever I read the warnings of yet another whistle-blowing Klaxon. I wasn’t even sure such an organization existed, never mind have such a powerful influence over the civilized world.

But the other day I was watching some videos of celebrities who allegedly were inducted into the Illuminati (these videos are all over Youtube) and saw something frightening: at some point after their initiation (and usually immediately following or during a star’s sudden rise to fame and fortune), the light goes out in their eyes and they become flat and dead looking.  Of course, Photoshopping can do a lot to “convince” us of the truth of that, so this alone wouldn’t convince me the theory is true. Besides, the entertainment industry itself can certainly take a toll on your soul once you achieve fame, without there being any secret demon-worshipping activities involved at all. When you become famous you lose your right to any semblance of privacy or a life of your own: your life isn’t your own anymore; it now belongs to the music or film producers and powerful corporations who are motivated by money and greed, and you must maintain the image they want you to present at all times if you want to keep your contract. In essence, you must sell out to the fame-machine. In that sense, you can actually lose your soul.

One example of the celebrities-are-Illuminati meme. Fact or fiction?

So it wasn’t the entertainers’ blank, expressionless faces and fake smiles that made me think there could be something unholy going on in entertainment (most obviously in music) as well as big business and politics. It was the symbolism. Almost all successful musicians these days use a great deal of Illuminati symbolism in their performances, music videos, and publicity photos: some of these are The Eye of Horus (the all-seeing eye) enclosed within pyramids (both of which also appear on the back of the American dollar bill), certain hand signs associated with the Illuminati, one eye being covered in some way, satanic goat’s heads (the god Baphomet), checkerboard floors, diamonds, and other satanic or illuminati symbolism. Although some effort is made to make these symbols subliminal, they are becoming increasingly obvious.

It’s believed by many that these entertainers are forced to “pay homage” to the Illuminati through these symbols, and that they also serve as a “secret communication” between Illuminati members that the rest of us won’t catch. It’s also been said it’s meant to indoctrinate the masses to the idea of satanism and the unholy, softening us to the eventual takeover of the world by the devil.

Illuminati symbolism in entertainment and politics is nothing new, but less effort is made now to hide it, and some form of this symbolism seems to appear in EVERY music video made by extremely successful music stars. Photos of celebrities in music, film and TV; and politicians and business leaders often show them covering one eye or making the ubiquitous Illuminati hand signs:

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are highly rumored to be high ranking Illuminati members.

The popular “devils horns” that’s often seen at rock concerts is actually an Illuminati symbol and us used in politics as well.

Another example of an Illuminati hand sign and another symbol, a diamond.

But even this wasn’t enough to make me think the takeover of the media and entertainment by the Illuminati might be true. It was this video of Taylor Swift performing at the 2012 AMA awards:

Taylor Swift, was, until around the time of this video (and her simultaneous switch from country to pop music), was a virginal pop-country princess whose videos and shows were wholesome enough for parents to take their preteen daughters to and Taylor was held up as a role model. Her songs were catchy and tuneful and she always dressed modestly and just seemed like such a nice person in an industry full of so much depravement and immorality. But here, we see a different Taylor. Yes, she is older and with age one would expect more “worldliness,” but I’m not so sure. This performance has been said by many to be a representation of her initiation into the Illuminati (which purportedly took place in 2009, with the Kanye West incident being a “test,” which she passed).  In the beginning of this video, she comes out on stage dressed in virginal white (meant to represent the early Taylor) but then is “raped” by the dancers (representing the Illuminati) and emerges dressed in black and red, and suddenly her demeanor changes from sweet to siren-ish. The video is full of Illuminati and Masonic symbolism too.
It’s interesting that this seems to be a pattern, particularly in the music industry: once a celebrity becomes a commercial success, suddenly they take a very dark turn and the symbolism begins to appear.

While I can’t say Taylor has lost her soul or has the dead-eye look some celebrities seem to get (in her interviews she seems quite together and happy and as nice as ever), she is now the most powerful person in the music industry and her success only seems to keep growing. Her music has also become a lot darker. Did she sell out to the forces of Satan in exchange for unlimited fame and fortune? Will she harden even more as she gets deeper into the cult? Will the light go out in her eyes? What about other successful celebrities? Are they masters of their fortune or are they really victims and slaves to a sinister force they have no control over anymore?

Is there really a such thing as the Illuminati at all? If so, does it really have that much power over our society and does it really represent the takeover of evil? Or is it all a huge delusion, the product of the overactive and paranoid imaginings of unenlightened people who don’t trust anything anymore?

What do you think? Let’s talk.

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  1. I’m reading this now. You know this information changed my view within my life. This is the stuff my Narc educated me on and I am graftful that he did that for me.

    Gonna read now. I love the Desperately Seeking Susan graphic. I didn’t realize she was wearing the Illuminati symbol on her jacket in that movie. Holy Cow!!

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  2. OK…I did get a mixed message when I was taught the Illuminati concept. What I was taught had a different twist to it. I was told that we have been dumbed down through language and that primitive artifacts and documents that reveal the truth of who we are and where we came from were burnt, burried and destroyed by the English crown. And that Christianity was the religious concept that is used to control us worldwide. I was told that we need to be unplugged (In reference to the movie called, The Matrix). I was also told that once you learn about the red pill and the blue pill…you can no longer go back to being plugged in. I do believe I’m somewhat floating in limbo based on this theory. Because this theory divides us into one of them (the plugged) or one of the group that is aware and (unplugged).

    Plugged in means that you are completely oblivious and that you are serving a alien digital master that the Illuminati is connected with. Unplugged is that you serve your inner self and see that you are pure love and that all you have been brainwashed with is a master plan of slavery; An illusion.

    I was told that Satan was a fallen Angel and that all the iconic Gods including Christ were born of a Virgin during that time period.

    I was told to find inner peace through the meditational aspect of life to enjoy the moments in the Here and Now.

    Anyway… Its a lot of info and this is the basics of the concept I learned. You already knew my story.

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    • *The iconic Gods were born of a virgin in which is a manmade myth to dominate and control people. I definitely believe the virgin story is manmade to shame and discard women worldwide. Think about all the women throughout the ages that have been tortured, killed and destroyed…based on the expectations of purity and virginity.

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    • The movie “The Matrix” is an interesting analogy for what’s probably going on. Most people , I think, are “plugged in,” and are either in denial or not convinced there are sinister forces–whatever they are–at work here. I’ve been aware of the symbolism for a long time, but having taken the “Blue Pill, I thought people were overreacting or it was just coincidence that so many influential people seem to follow the same pattern to darkness. i actually think they’ve probably been silenced. I don’t think most of them are inherently evil, but something else is going on behind closed doors that isn’t talked about. I also think there have been some suspicious deaths that were highly publicied as suicides or accidents but probably were not. Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson come to mind. I for one have never believed Cobain’s death was a suicide: I think he knew things and was threatening to come out about what he knew. I think Michel Jackson was killed because shortly before his death, he went public with what he knew and talked about how his reputation had been destroyed with charges of pedophilia, etc. (before they “silence” someone, they will try to destroy that person’s reputation). The rapper DMX has come out publicly about it but nothing has happened to him–yet. He’s a born again Christian though so maybe God is protecting him. I’ve been researching this over the past week or so (which is why I’ve been here less lol) and think I might have swallowed the red pill and you’re right–once you take the red pill there is no going back. I don’t think I can ever look at celebrity culture the same way anymore (I always suspected politicians and big business of something shady though so that’s not a surprise to me).

      I don’t think the “Christianity” used by certain factions of the political elite is real Christianity. They are using it to promote very un-christian principles of greed, hatred, crass narcissism/psychopathy, and lack of empathy for the less fortunate, and using homosexuality and abortion as smokescreens to dupe the public into thinking they are godly when they are really anything but. Sometimes I think these are the Pharisees Jesus warned us about, the real wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lots of people fall for their lies though. This is their intention of course. And in the process of this corruption of Christianity, it’s been given a bad reputation and turning people away from it. I think Americans though are beginning to wake up and have taken the “red pill” and now that they have there is no turning back. I do feel as if there’s a war going on between good and evil. Whether an entity called “Satan” is involved, I don’t really know, but I can say with some certainty the world is engaged in spiritual warfare of some kind.

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      • I have definitely swallowed the red pill…and I agree there is no turning back. As for myself, I find many ideologies about who we are. One thing I did appreciate about the Narcissistic Guru I knew is that one day I posed this question to him. I asked, “Then if all this heavenly Fatherly Christianity that we pray to is not true,…then who are we?” I asked him, “do you believe that we live on?” At times he would say,..well sure we will always be in consciousness. But then one day he said, “I don’t have the answer to that question. I just don’t know.” And that was probably the most honest non-Narcisstic thing he ever said. Although it was very depressing to me, because let’s face it. It sure would be beautiful to spiritually and soulfully evolve for eternity. I would most certainly like to know you as we evolve in the next life. But what scares me most, is the thought that man…humanity just might be Narcissistic to believe we are omnipotent as a species to think that we will live on forever. I just don’t know. But I suppose we shouldn’t be fearful and live life in the here and now because we definitely know our moments are ours.

        If there is a higher being that uses us to generate energy or whatever it is they want. It seems to me like were a part of some crazy child’s galactic video game.

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    • Wow… That’s something. I need to share this film with you called, The Home Project. It focuses on the fact that the paper currency system killed our environment in the last 50 Years. According to the Illuminati concept, the paper currency system is the way they gained control through a banking system based on profits that are not backed by gold. It is this system that is killing people and species through war and the destruction of our environment and echo system. Our echo system is so fragile and so complex and balanced.

      The sea level is rising up 7 meters because the ice is slowly shrinking which will ultimately cause major floods….amongst other devastating effects within our world.

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      • The Paper currency system has caused a faster and faster production process in the last 50 years which is destroying our world at a rapid pace. In specific demographics humans over consume while in others demographics the wealth is hoarded while peasants starve and die.

        There is something seriously wrong with people. Do we need a Gucci bag? Its a total illusion of God knows why…a human would want to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag while some baby is starving.

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        • That’s really interesting about the paper money system. I didn’t know this was deliberately intentional to destroy the environment by removing the gold standard and printing more and more paper money, but rather simply a means to allow the wealthy to amass unlimited wealth not backed (limited) by the limited amount of gold. There’s definitely something wrong in the upper echelons though, that’s for sure. I feel strongly that we are being lied to–about almost everything. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore.


        • The vast gulf between the very rich and the very poor in this country is truly disgusting and very disturbing to me. Far more evil than so-called “socialism,” imho (“socialism” is a word certain powerful factions use to demonize the concept of empathy). But socialism isn’t communism. Equalizing measures such as progressive taxation, etc. don’t even take away anything from the wealthy anyway. It’s not going to affect their lifestyle one iota. But could make the difference to someone having to subsist on minimum wage or work 3 jobs to put food on the table. It could mean the difference between a bright young person being able to get a college degree or having to settle for a lifetime of McJobs or worse. “Socialism” used in this sense actually empowers people and makes opportunities available–which mean fewer people on welfare or caught in the system, which only condescends to them and never really helps them. But I digress. It’s absolutely obscene to know in this country one person can have multiple mansions while someone else has to sleep in a shelter–or a cardboard box. And it’s gotten so much worse. I remember as a child, being so shocked to hear about the cast system in India and starving people in Calcutta begging on the streets and being passed by the elite–people who had no fault other than being born into the “wrong” cast. But it doesn’t shock me anymore–because the very same thing is happening in this country too. We’ve become desensitized and conditioned to it, and with our desensitization, empathy flies out the window.

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          • I think it probably would have made sense if we had focused on the distribution and exchange of goods and services based on real human consumption. The ideology of having millions of digital dollars in the bank to supply you with a home, clothes, food, transportation and health care is actually a bizarre concept. Shouldn’t all humans have the bare essentials to live and enjoy a simple but healthy life that gives them the opportunity to enjoy the sun when it rises and the moon at night.

            But no. This is not the kind of system man came of with. Instead mankind invented a monetary system that promotes greed. A give me 5 of those…and next year I need 2 more attitude. This attitude is an addiction, an illusion and a distraction that takes our focus off the quality of life. We own our life and our moments. Yet somehow this digital madness has stolen the lives and moments of people. I feel we are living in a life of digital monetary bondage.

            I don’t know why we wake up everyday and work hard for the greedy 2%? And I don’t know why they’d want us to work this hard for them…considering that they already own 5 of those … And 20 of the other things. Why are they so obsessed with hoarding things and digital millions? There is no logic within their monetary madness, power and control over the masses.

            Something is definitely strange and we are definitely driven by a digital system. We have days…weeks months and our world is calculated in digital timings. Its a scientific and digital system of calculations that we work for.


            • It’s been said that the wealthiest 2% have more money than the remaining 98% put together, at least in the good old United States of America. “Freedom”? Bah! We’re not a free country–not if you’re poor and slaving away for the 1%. Only the wealthy have any freedom.

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      • I have to admit, I am not big on conspiracy theories. Anyone that is powerful and successful “must” be a part of a secret society. I mean after all, we all know that hard work isn’t enough…*eyes rolling again*

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        • Even if it is true, I don’t think all celebrities are in on it and most got to where they did because they worked hard to get there (though of course favoritism in the industry and commercial viability have a lot to do with it too–and there’s no doubt that attractive young women who want to be stars are regularly taken advantage of by those in power over their futures). As for Taylor Swift, the idea that her of all people is illuminati and participates in satanic rituals is absolutely laughable–BUT…HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN that video and the presence of all the Illuminati/masonic symbolism you see in music videos, publicity photos, video games, television, etc. etc? The only way to prove any of this exists (or not) would be to somehow become a fly on the wall and spy on all the celebrities.

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          • I think you’re right about this and about some celebrities getting destroyed or killed for not complying. I think also of Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears, and I wonder if their mental illnesses aren’t organic, but due to mind control (I used to think “mind control” was just a paranoid delusion shared by every person with schizophrenia, but I’ve since learned that the government does in fact have mind control technology, so the shadow government is certainly using it on people). And did Robin Williams really commit suicide? Hmm…

            I’d like to hear Sinéad O’Connor’s thoughts on the Illuminati, since she’s always been outspoken about her dissatisfaction with the music industry and the media’s abuse of young women, but I also wouldn’t want her to get killed for talking about it. :-/ Alanis Morissette is another celebrity I find very wise, and I hope she doesn’t get killed either (I kinda doubt she’d get involved with that stuff, since she’s more into positive living than conspiracies, but who knows?).

            Sinéad O’Connor prophesying through “The Emperor’s New Clothes”:

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            • Oh, gosh yes I agree. Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan….I think they have become mentally ill/drug addicted because of mind games being played on them. They know things and possibly tried to resist the manipulations and brainwashing…and possibly have been threatened and are suffering severe PTSD. Ironically, although those women seem more “bad,” they re probably more spiritually pure than those who “play the game” without a fight. I think their mental problems are due to being unable to reconcile their consciences with what is being done to them and now they can’t get out. They may be HSPs. I think HSPs are more senstiive to this stuff and more likely to become mentally ill if they can’t get away. That’s my take on it anyway. Another thing. About Sinead O’Connor….I was reading on another blog about what has been going on with her–it seems her entire family has rejected her and she was begging them for support. I do think she’s got mental problems and they have been getting worse, and now she attempted suicide. She looks awful too. Here’s what I think though. I think she is another victim of The Business. I bet she threatened to expose them and they have been playing with her mind and tormenting her. I don’t know how true it is, but the Illuminati will take celebrities they see as a potential threat behind closed doors and use brainwashing techniques, meant to trigger PTSD and shatter the mind. I think she suffers from some kind of PTSD but I don’t know if it’s due to her abusive family or the entertainment industry “working” on her. Or both. I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she threatened to expose what’s really going on. SInead has always been about exposing truths, but it’s taken a toll on her mind. Very sad.

              About Robin Williams…I think he was a victim too, and I wonder if his suicide was really a suicide…I think Williams knew a lot and tried to resist and he was another “threat” to the Powers That Be….just a thought. Same thing with Cobain. Love may have been in on the manipulation. It’s very strange how her career suddenly took off after his death.

              Alanis Morrisette seems okay…but she needs to be very careful.

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        • There is a buzz out their that if you believe in anything else but the digital political system they force feed us… Then you are considered a conspiracy theorist nut job. I never believe a concept 100%, but I pose these 2 questions.

          Homosapiens involved 200 thousand years ago. The world is 6 billion years old. Trees…I believe formed 2 billions years ago… and they sucked up the poison gases and gave us the air that we breath today. (You know that vapor on the windshield… That dew you see in the morning). Thats from the trees breathing.

          Anyway… My point is: God didn’t create me from Adams rib. Quite frankly… Adam came out of my virgina!!

          So who are we?? Why did the sun form? The earth…the gases…the explotions…and poison atmosphere. All of it evolved and we continue to evolve….

          There has to be a digital madness behind us. As the world turns and the clock moves…we synchronize digitally.

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  4. Yes, I totally think the Illuminati is running everything (except I call it the “Narc World Order” :-P).

    Similarly to you, I wasn’t sure how seriously to take the Illuminati “conspiracy theory” until discovering all the people talking about it on YouTube over the past several months. I’ve since been getting pretty into researching mysticism and the occult, and I’ve learned some fascinating things (mostly about auras and energy) that I feel would liberate many a Highly Sensitive Person from narcissistic imprisonment.

    One of those things is the energy of the “secret fire,” which I learned about last night from Mark Stavish’s essay “Secret fire: The relationship between Kundalini, Kabbalah, and alchemy” at

    I’m not sure how familiar the concepts in the essay would be to you (I’m from a Jewish family and already knew a bit about Kabbalah before reading it, plus my good friend is a Kundalini teacher), but I recommend you check it out regardless; I’m sure you could at least find many blog prompts hidden between the lines. (For me, it prompted my post today at

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    • Hi Ruji, I’m not sure why your oomment went into moderation (that’s been happening a lot lately) but anyway…yes, I think it is definitely a Narc World Order…the world is being run by narcs…scary stuff. Thanks too for sharing those links. I do think HSPs are more sensitive to all the dark stuff going on than the average person.

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  5. I wondered where you were, Lucky. 🙂

    My opinion: there is a lot going on in this world that I don’t know about. I only know for sure about the things I have experienced first hand.

    Going by my personal experiences: Yes, there really are evil, powerful, invisible, toxic and deadly supernatural forces. And yes, there is also a supernatural force that is pure goodness, joy, peace, holiness, and love.

    When I have opened myself up to the darkness, the light and goodness leaves of his own volition, like a polite guest who never outstays his welcome. But when I invite the light and goodness — God — to rule in my life, the darkness is immediately forced out. Kicking and screaming like a baby throwing a tantrum.

    I believe we each have a choice set before us. We can choose the evil darkness or we can choose the holy light. I choose the light, which I believe is Jesus Christ.

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    • I haven’t been around partly because I’ve been reading up a lot on this stuff. I think I’m done; too much delving into it makes me little crazy. I certainly don’t think dwelling on it is good for anyone. Like you, I reject the darkness but at the same time, doesn’t it kind of draw you in too? It’s very seductive and that’s what makes it dangerous. Being too fascinated by it is a kind of seduction too, even though it disgusts and scares me. I feel safe with God in my life and know it can’t affect me as long as I stay close to Him.

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      • I agree, the darkness can be seductive, which makes it all the more dangerous.

        A severe weather storm can be like that. When a gigantic super cell cloud is rotating overhead or a massive tornado is coming right at you, it can be mesmerizing. Professional storm chasers know that is an occupational hazard. If you aren’t extremely careful, you can get so caught up in the spectacle that you forget how deadly it is.

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  6. Dear Lucky and Friends, once again, Lucky, terrific article. There’s something foul afoot, call it what ya will. Think this sort of consumerist brainwashing is just ungodly people in high places simply wanting to get higher – and they don’t give a rip who they hurt / dumb-down. And the reason the media trashes Christians, is a very old reason. Christians are hard to brainwash, because Christians see the media bs for what it is, and where it comes from. Thinking about it, no wonder there are places where if you are found with a Bible ( even if you’ve never read it, you’ll get jail-time. Sit in jail, for having a book. Evidently, there are powers who are afraid of something…yeah that the common people may see the bs for what it is.

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    • There’s places where you get arrested for reading a Bible???? Well, nothing really surprses me anymore tbh.

      As far as the suppression of Christianity, I have 2 things to say about that. You hear a lot of “pro-Christian” talk in politics, eg, “We’re a Christian nation” and whatnot, but I think it’s all lip service, not real Christianity. Real Christians wouldn’t persecute the most vulnerable people of society the way ours does and shift all the blame for them, telling them their troubles are their “own choice” and even blaming the crappy economy on them. I think issues like abortion and homosexuality are used as smokescreens to take attention away from the REAL issues plaguing the world. I don’t interpret the Bible literally (I know you do) but it’s outrageous if someone is punished for reading it in public. If our leaders really followed Jesus’ example, they would be compassionate and have programs that helped empower the poor and disabled in our society and lifted them up — not just handouts but actually teaching them HOW to fish instead of just giving them a fish for dinner. But our society wants everyone dumbed down and ignorant so they can be controlled. Healthcare would also be free or low cost but still treat you like a human being. It’s heinous that only the wealthy can afford good healthcare anymore and if you’re poor and don’t have insurance you can just go die or have to rely on local clinics that condescend to you and treat you like cattle or a common criminal. At the one here in town, there are actually police officers guarding the door that search you–and you can only get an appointment if you call between the hours of 8 and 10 AM on Tuesdays, and then you still have to wait a month! Sometimes you can’t get through at all and they won’t even speak to you if you call at 10:01 AM! When and if you do get an appointment they are very condescending and rude. I refuse to even go there–I’d rather not even go to the doctor at all than be treated like that. But I’m getting off on a tangent.

      The second thing is this whole “war on Christmas” thing. I think it’s a delusion fed to us through illuminati-run organizations like Faux News. Christmas, if anything, is more commercialized than ever because it’s become a way for big business to rake in the big bucks every year. It starts with Black Friday and everywhere you turn, it’s “buy buy buy, spend spend spend, smile smile smile”! It’s become a holiday of greed and fake cheer and it makes those who can’t afford much and/or don’t have families to spend Christmas with feel like crap. And that’s their intention–to emphasize the huge gap between the rich and the poor–and of course to make more money. I don’t make a big deal about Christmas anymore because it causes me too much stress. I treat it like Thanksgiving and focus on the food rather than the gifts, and I don’t decorate much. Thankfully this year my daughter is doing Christmas at her house. She gets a lot more into it than I do. Anyway, my point is, the whole Starbucks coffee cup thing is stupid. I mean, come on, if you really want a Christmas tree you can draw one on your cup. Maybe they should provide markers with the cups. I think they did that because they know many Jews and other non-Christians buy their products too so they just colored the cups red for the holidays. It’s no different than Christmas cards saying “seasons greetings” so non-Christians won’t be offended. And that’s nothing new, there were cards like that for as long as Christmas cards have been made but no one used to complain about it. People getting their panties in a bunch over Starbucks think it’s something new and there’s a war on Christmas because Fox News tells them there is. December 25th was originally a pagan holiday anyway. If there is a war on Christmas then it’s the fact that most people don’t remember it’s a solemn holiday to remember Christ’s birth, not a commercial free for all to make big business even richer. That’s all I have to say.

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      • Yes, from what I’ve seen in the news, there are places in the world right now where people are beheaded for having a Bible. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, though. They crucified our Lord for his radical gospel. I think it is all part of the spiritual battle.

        About the other things you said, the callous lack of compassion among many so-called Christians, I am currently reading a book that beautifully addresses this issue: Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded? Helping (Not Hurting) Those With Emotional Difficulties, by Dwight L. Carlson, MD.

        I highly recommend this book and will add it to my list on my blog.

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        • Oh! I thought she meant in the USA! Yes, I’m sure in many countries, especially Muslim countries like Afghanistan, you would definitely be beheaded or at least imprisoned for reading a Bible or anything that isn’t the Q’uran. I’m sure there are others too.

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  7. Dear Lucky and Friends, and the clothing the lady celebs are told to wear are UGLY!!! Ugh! Common women generally take direction from the stars, and so do the retailers. i need a dress for work and all the stuff is frowsy. Yes i am fat and pushing 60 but why must i be pushed into ugly UNFEMININE duds! Just sign me not a happy shopper.

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    • I agree the costumes they wear on stage are often ugly and unfeminine. And what’s up with not covering the legs? Stupid over the top headgear, covered on top for the most part (but not always), but wearing thongs and fuzzy panties? WTF!? The dresses they wear to awards and other events are usually attractive, but not always!


    • Possibly but I’m really starting to believe there is something to it. I never thought that could happen. But the more research I do, the more convinced I am. Maybe I’m being brainwashed. 😮


    • I wonder why your comment went into moderation. Anyway, check out how many shares your song got! People really like it. 🙂

      I’ll look at this film, it seems like a good antidote. But I have to post this first, as depressing as it is, because it’s probably the best documentary about the illuminati I’ve seen yet. It presents a VERY convincing case that 9/11 was an inside job, and more:


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