My daughter has Crohn’s disease.


I wish I didn’t find this out through Facebook. 😦 Ever since she was about 15, my daughter has had episodes of intense abdominal pain, severe enough that she’s had to be taken to the emergency room on several occasions.  These episodes always seem to follow eating.  Her doctors tentatively diagnosed ulcers but no definitive diagnosis was made. One idiot doctor even said it was probably “nerves.” 🙄

Last night she had another episode of severe stomach pain and went to the emergency room again.  For a few weeks prior to that, she had been losing weight, and was anemic and suffering from strange rashes (these are all symptoms of Crohns).  I just saw her post on Facebook saying she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which is a chronic, autoimmune gastrointestinal disorder that has a tendency to lead to complications such as bleeding, weight loss, and even bowel obstruction and cancer.  There is no cure, but medications and changes in diet can control the symptoms.

Naturally, as her mother I’m worried but I’m glad doctors finally know what it is. I’ve asked her to call me later about it. In the meantime, please send prayers her way.

Crohn’s Disease information:

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    • Yeah, it’s been terribly painful for her, at least now they know what it is and can put her on the appropriate medication and she’s been given a list of foods she should stay away from.

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  1. Prayers for your daughter. There has been some success in treating chrons with fecal transplants (sounds gross but it is basically the gut flora/bacteria that is missing from the gut being transferred from someone who has a healthy gut). It might be something to look into now she has a proper diagnosis – I know there’s nothing worse than being sick and doctors not being able to tell you why.

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  2. Sending prayers. I know more about Crohn’s than I wish I did. We spent about three years treating one of our daughters for Crohn’s but found out later that the diagnosis was incorrect. I hope your daughter will manage well with medications and diet so that she won’t be plagued with symptoms.

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